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Ultrajet is a consumable item in Fallout: New Vegas.


See: Jet


Ultrajet immediately boosts current Action Points by 40, as well as raises maximum action points by the same amount for 4 minutes, and has a 20% chance of Ultrajet addiction. Ultrajet use will not alleviate or cause Jet addiction and vice versa.


Sold by Sergeant Daniel Contreras in the Camp McCarran supply shack.


  • Neither Fixer nor doctors can heal Ultrajet addiction.
  • Contreras is not supposed to sell his chems (including Ultrajet) unless his quest is done, but due to bugs, it can be available from the start.
  • With the Chem Resistant, Old World Gourmet Dead Money and Big Brained Old World Blues (add-on) perks, the chance of addiction is only 3%, while employing a 33% longer duration if the player character possesses the Day Tripper perk as well. This significantly increases its value as a consumable.
  • Due to its low propensity for addiction, the player character may consume 13 doses of the chem in a short amount of time, however, the fourteenth dose will have a 100% addiction chance.
  • The Logan's Loophole trait makes the player character immune to addiction while boosting the duration of chems.
  • Stacks with Rocket.

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