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Ultracite ore is a miscellaneous item in Fallout 76.


Ultracite was created before the bombs dropped and was discovered in the glassed cavern. Upon discovery AMS planed on using it as an alternate fuel source and after they found it was created by tainting metals with high radiation they decided to detonate a nuke inside the glassed cavern to create more ultracite and inevitably creating scorchbeasts years later. Utracite ore looks like all other ores with the exception of being bathed in a sickly green radioactive light. Ultracite is created by normal metals becoming highly radiated and are present in nuke zones that contained ore prior to launching the nuke similar to flux.


Utracite ore requires 5 ore to smelt as opposed to 3 needed by most other ores.

Ultracite ore can be processed at a Chemistry station into Ultracite scrap. Note the Ultracite ore cannot be processed from a stash box and must come from the player character's inventory (acid can be crafted directly from the stash box).

Ultracite ore (5)
Acid (5)
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