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Ultracite is a crafting component in Fallout 76. Its precise origins are a mystery, although it was being discovered in Appalachia prior to the bombs dropping. Ultracite has an incredibly high radioactive energy yield; in addition to its potential as a new super-fuel replacement for dwindling atomic energy reserves, Ultracite exposure could be used to cause generations of mutation to manifest within a living subject after mere hours of exposure. For these reasons, Atomic Mining Services was eagerly cultivating access to the material, in order to pursue a contract with the US Military.


A rare component used for crafting anti-Scorched weaponry, ultracite power armor, and other powerful weapons and armor.

Ultracite and Depleted Ultracite cannot withstand contact with each other; instead, contact results in both samples explosively melting down, in an almost matter/anti-matter fashion. Files in the Atomic Mining Services building reveal that the AMS discovered this fact, and also that the Responders discovered this information and, having proven that the Scorched Plague causes the formation of ultracite within living tissue, weaponized it. This is why ultracite weaponry is extra effective against Scorched enemies.


Miscellaneous object (see below)
Icon range
Icon level
Item Base Value Yield Weight Yield/W
Hardened mass 20 1 0.60 1.67
Scorchbeast bones 22 1 8 ?
Scorchbeast hide 15 1 6 ?
Scorchbeast wing fragment 46 2 2 ?
Ultracite scrap 25 1 0.1 10

Ultracite ore can be processed at a Chemistry station into Ultracite scrap. Note the Ultracite ore cannot be processed from a stash box and must come from the player's inventory (Acid can be crafted directly from the stash box).

Acid (5)
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  • Ultracite appears to have similar characteristics to coal, as Poseidon Energy Plant WV-06, formerly a coal-burning power plant, was easily retrofitted to burn ultracite fuel.[1] This is also shown through the weekly challenge "Collect Toys and Coal," where one may collect ultracite instead of coal. Furthermore, the name ultracite resembles anthracite, the highest grade of coal. "Ultracite" may thus suggest a material with properties similar to coal, but greater than even those of anthracite.
  • Discovery of a vein of ultracite underneath the city of Welch was why Atomic Mining Services forcibly evicted the population, in order to secure access to the precious mineral.


Crafting in Fallout 76
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