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Promotional consideration for this news program has been paid for by the Ultra-Luxe. The Ultra-Luxe. Live life in the lap of luxury.Mr. New Vegas, Fallout: New Vegas

The Ultra-Luxe Las Vegas Resort,[1] typically shortened to just the Ultra-Luxe, is an unmarked location within the New Vegas Strip in Fallout: New Vegas.


One of the more luxurious establishments on the Strip, built roughly at the same time as the Tops casino,[2] the Ultra-Luxe was touted as featuring the finest quality accommodations and a world-class restaurant, the Gourmand, all to provide its patrons with the highest possible quality of service and living.

In the establishment's pre-War history, a mob shootout took place in the casino on July 13, 2072. Eyewitnesses provided conflicting details, but sources agreed that it was a chaotic situation, that all five of the mobsters were killed and seventeen bystanders were injured. The Las Vegas chief of police claimed the incident as a major victory.[3]

Even after the Great War, the Ultra-Luxe continues as an establishment of ineradicable refinement that delicately conceals its operators' more questionable past tendencies. The staff pampers its clients and provides The Strip's most elite casino experience. Among its members, the dress code is strictly enforced as the White Glove Society are all well-dressed, well-spoken, and well-behaved. The casino's prime attractions are its meat-oriented restaurant, The Gourmand; its cocktail lounge, Top Shelf, and its art gallery. On the casino floor, there are no slot machines and only Roulette and Blackjack are offered for gambling.[4] As Mr. House himself describes it; "[They] put together one hell of a resort hotel, too. From what I hear, I'd want to eat at the Gourmand every night... if I were ambulatory."[5]


Situated on the southeast corner of the central section of the Strip, the building interior is divided into seven parts:

Lobby and Casino[]

The lobby and casino area contains the lobby and casino. The highly fashionable bar, "The Top Shelf," is also located in the entrance room that doubles as the casino. The drinks are overpriced, but that's the point. Mortimer can be found at the reception desk. The door to the cashier has an Average lock. There are three metal boxes within the cashier area at the bottom of a shelf that holds weapons and those of companions, and a variety of random caps and small loot in the other safes and containers.

The Gourmand[]

Main article: The Gourmand
Ultra Luxe Gourmand

The Gourmand

The Gourmand is a famous restaurant run by temperamental chef and White Glove Society member Philippe. The restaurant is renowned for its famous brahmin Wellington, and boasts a long waitlist, even though it usually seems sparsely populated. Gamblers, travelers and other Strip tourists found here will theorize the White Glove Society is more interested in maintaining the Gourmand's air of exclusivity than filling the restaurant, and are consequently padding the waitlist and arbitrarily denying access to customers. This suspicion is commented upon by Mr. New Vegas on Radio New Vegas.


The basement kitchens of the Ultra-Luxe are accessible from the members-only area, where the door is unlocked, and The Gourmand, behind a door with an Easy lock. The basement itself consists of a number of rooms, including Philippe's actual kitchen, the pantry, the locked freezer containing Ted Gunderson, an elevator back upstairs, and a wine room, containing a bottle of wine the player character can spike with sedatives as part of the quest Beyond the Beef. The basement hallways are regularly patrolled by a small group of three White Glove Society members, two of whom will initially be seen at the bottom of the first set of stairs "roasting" brahmin with flamers. They will confront the player character if they are caught in the basement without honorary White Glove Society membership or a White Glove Society disguise, and will turn hostile if the player cannot pass a Speech or Repair check.

Members only area[]

WG Members Only area

The Ultra-Luxe members-only area consists of a large dining room, adjoining prep room, reception area, closet, and 10-12 members of the White Glove Society, some of which are armed with dress canes and described as "bouncers." The bouncers will be hostile towards the player character unless they have been inducted as an honorary member of the White Glove Society by Marjorie, and subsequently been given a key to the room. An alternative is to obtain a key and White Glove mask, and wear this disguise before entering the members-only area. An unlocked door in the prep area leads to the Ultra-Luxe's kitchens.


UL bathhouse

The bathhouse

An indoor swimming pool converted into a bathhouse. It contains the steam room where the player character can meet the investigator's contact during the Beyond the Beef quest. Interestingly, drinking the water from the bathhouse pool (HP 2, Rads 0) is considered theft, but harbors no Karma loss nor does it make anyone hostile. It is also stated that the salt in the bath is imported from California.

Hotel rooms[]

Bon Vivant suite[]

Bon Vivant suite
Main article: Bon Vivant suite

Access to the Bon Vivant suite is given to the player character for winning 11,250 chips in the casino. It is located in the hotel room area and is not to be mistaken for the penthouse suite in which Gunderson is staying. The room is average for the Ultra-Luxe and includes two beds that the Courier may sleep in. Most of the room's contents (containers, items, etc.) are set as "owned" and register as stealing if opened or taken.

Penthouse suite[]

Henderson penthouse

Henderson's penthouse

Heck Gunderson is staying in this room, and has left several of his bodyguards here to watch the place. They will be hostile to the player character, so killing them or sneaking past them is required to loot the suite.

The Courier needs a key, held only by the receptionist Mortimer, to access the elevator to the suite. Mortimer can be killed or pickpocketed for the key. Alternatively, he can give the key to the player character during Beyond the Beef in some paths through that quest.

In the situation one does not possess a key, a Lockpick skill of 75 allows access. Once inside the player character can see a small foyer leading to what appears to be a small guest dedicated portion of the luxury suite. Further inside the suite is quite grand and the ceiling is possibly the highest of all penthouse/presidential suites in New Vegas. In the middle of the large suite is a shallow pool and to the right is the dining room and kitchen. Upstairs is the master bedroom with a bar and the bathroom, including a pristine bathtub. Sleeping in the penthouse suite is impossible because the player character does not own the beds.


  • The Ultra-Luxe offers Blackjack and Roulette.
  • The Ultra-Luxe pays 3:2 on blackjack, and the dealer must stand on all 17s.
Rewards and ban

Should the player acquire enough chips, the floor manager will offer increasingly valuable gifts, culminating in access to the Bon Vivant suite.

After the player character earns 15,000+ chips, they are banned from playing games at the Ultra-Luxe. They can still use its other functions, such as the restaurant and cashing out their chips, but they cannot win any more money at the Ultra-Luxe. Like all other bans, this ban is permanent.

Notable loot[]

Related quests[]


  • The first time one enter the center section of the Strip containing the Ultra-Luxe, scantily clad women dancing in the fountain in front of the casino can be seen. Upon examination, they are identified as NCR troopers, surrounded by two securitrons and a few male NCR MPs. They eventually leave after being scolded by the male MPs.
  • Sometimes, a loose brahmin may run across the street to the southern Strip section while being chased by an NCR trooper.
  • The cashier, like all other Strip cashiers, does not respawn when killed, making it impossible to cash in chips or buy new ones.
  • In the lobby and the Gourmand, some seats are labeled red, like items that belong to another character, or when a character is selected when in sneak mode, though sitting on these will not count as a crime.
  • The Gourmand food supplier/bartender restocks on Sundays and Wednesdays.
  • Unlike the other casinos (excluding the Atomic Wrangler Casino), the Ultra-Luxe floor manager isn't labeled as such, instead being a generically named member of the White Glove Society.
  • The patrons will occasionally remark on the creepiness of the society members' masks.
  • On a newspaper in Gomorrah, the Ultra-Luxe is referred to as the "Ultra Lux."
  • It is possible to lock the player character in the pantry using the terminal, and there will be no way out since the lock on the door can't be picked.
  • The formal wear attire given by Majorie after being asked to sponsor the player character is not considered a faction outfit unlike the White Glove Society attire.
  • The Gourmand food supplier (located in the Gourmand dining room behind the bar) is the only vendor in the game who will regularly sells the Wasteland omelet. There is a small chance of finding it in ovens in the wastes or one of the casinos, but the Ultra-Luxe is the only reliable source where it is found consistently. Another source comes frmo completing the unmarked quest You Gotta Break Out a Few Eggs, along with the recipe. The food supplier also sells other foods relatively difficult to find in the Wasteland, such as pinyon nuts.
  • If the White Glove greeter is killed, he is one of the few staff members that respawn, but there is a short window of time (4 days, or 96 hours in "game time") before he respawns where the Ultra-Luxe can be entered without being greeted and still be able to keep all weapons without the weapons check.
  • If the player character heads back to the kitchen where the beef flamers would normally be, there will be a large cleaver on a surgical table. However, the cleaver cannot be taken as an item.
  • If either bartender is killed, in either the main casino area or in the Gourmand, they do not respawn, making it impossible to buy drinks in the future from the casino.
  • Behind the counter in the casino area are three bottles of Sunset Sarsaparilla which cannot be obtained, as they are only props.
  • The hotel has reported several disappearances (i.e. someone's bride mentioned by Marjorie), likely all victims of Mortimer's private goals.
  • The layout of the casino includes east and west wings that connect through the bathhouse and hotel room sections, despite the fact that both of the cells are straight lines.
  • The Ultra-Luxe has its own radio signal, titled "Ultra-Luxe radio signal" that can be seen entering the casino for the first time, but its purpose is unknown, and the station cannot be accessed through the Pip-Boy.


The music in the lobby and casino consists of the following tracks:


The Ultra-Luxe appears only in Fallout: New Vegas. It is also mentioned in the [[Fallout 76 update Wastelanders.

Behind the scenes[]

The in-game Ultra-Luxe is similar in appearance and geographical location to the real-world location of the Bellagio Hotel and Casino as well as Caesars Palace on the Las Vegas Strip.


  • Playstation 3Playstation 3Playstation 3 Sometimes the White Gloves with the flamers in the kitchen temporarily have an unlimited amount of flamer fuel, not stopping to reload, it is also possible even after they are killed the noise of a flamer can still be heard in the vicinity.[verified]
  • PCPC Playstation 3Playstation 3Playstation 3 When in the Ultra-Luxe White Glove exclusive room sometimes White Glove members will be dead although it shows "Talk White Glove" you can look into their inventory.[verified]
  • PCPC Playstation 3Playstation 3Playstation 3 Xbox 360Xbox 360 Very rarely, when playing blackjack or roulette, a common gambler will forcibly take the place of a White Glove that is a dealer.[verified]
  • PCPC Playstation 3Playstation 3Playstation 3 Xbox 360Xbox 360 The script which returns items to you and your companion(s) as you leave the Ultra-Luxe does not check to ensure it is returning items to the correct companion, or even any companion at all. In the worst case this can result in all items previously held by your companion being removed from the game entirely.[verified]
  • PCPC Playstation 3Playstation 3Playstation 3 Xbox 360Xbox 360 When cashing in chips for NCR or Legion money, the cashier will take the chips but will not give any NCR or Legion money in return. This bug occurs every time (it is not random) and results in a permanent loss of money.[verified]
  • Xbox 360Xbox 360 If you enter the Ultra-Luxe lobby with Rex as a companion, he may begin growling and run off and attack a non-player. This can cause the White Gloves to attack you. If this happens, reload the auto save triggered by entering the Ultra-Luxe and quickly tell Rex to wait.[verified]
  • PCPC Playstation 3Playstation 3Playstation 3 Xbox 360Xbox 360 The female croupier who is running the roulette game on the east side of the casino floor may become unconscious when entering the casino area from the Strip. After a few seconds, she will stand up and return to her original position behind the table.[verified]
  • PCPC Xbox 360Xbox 360 After completing Beyond the Beef, if you enter the penthouse, Mr. Gunderson's guards may not attack you. The marker on the compass will consistently flash to red and if you move they may start running around.[verified]
  • Xbox 360Xbox 360 Rarely, the Tops promoter gets stuck inside the Ultra-Luxe near the front entrance. He does not move from there and doesn't return to the Tops.[verified]
  • PCPC Xbox 360Xbox 360 In the kitchen, next to the White Gloves with Flamers, there are brahmin skulls which can be stolen. However, for one of them, there is a prompt but it has no name and cannot be stolen. It can be still moved around.[verified]
  • PCPC Although not technically a bug, entering the Members Only area without a disguise or "honorary membership" instantly flags the player as an enemy of the White Glove Society, effectively making the entire faction combat-hostile on sight. If the player does not have a recent save available to avoid the issue, the console command "ClearFactionPlayerEnemyFlag 00116f10" can be used to reset this variable.[verified]
  • PCPC Playstation 3Playstation 3Playstation 3 Xbox 360Xbox 360 Sometimes when swimming in the pool located in the Ultra-Luxe Bathroom, your hair would become invisible.[verified]
  • PCPC Sometimes, the members of the White Gloves don't make any sound during dialogues.[verified]



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