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That should be the last of them, and the last of the bombing runs on our guys, thanks to you. I'm going to order our men back to the Field H.Q. See you there.Sergeant Benjamin Montgomery

The U.S. Army Field Headquarters is a small military base in the Fallout 3 add-on Operation: Anchorage. It is the headquarters of the U.S. Army in the area.


The command tent is west of the flagpole, and the open tent containing the T-51b power armor is northeast of the flagpole. The quartermaster's tent is east of the flagpole, and the workout tent is south-southeast of the flagpole. Dr. Adami's tent is south-southwest of the flagpole, and the entrance is to the north of the flagpole.



Notable loot

All re-skinned and indestructible versions available through a glitch.

Related quests


  • If the Speech skill is high enough, the player character can talk the Quartermaster into giving a Gauss rifle, which the Lone Wanderer will keep regardless of the weapon set. (100% chance at 70 Speech)
  • Doctor Adami's tent contains a holotape about Psycho. According to the tape, the drug was developed by Chase's R&D group and although its potentially severe side effects were known, it was given to the soldiers anyway.
  • Formations of what appear to be Chinese bomber jets fly over frequently but do not attack.


U.S. Army field headquarters appears only in the Fallout 3 add-on Operation: Anchorage.

Behind the scenes

A transmission in Morse code is audible from the ham radio inside General Chase's tent. The decoded message is as followed.[1]

Sound file Morse code Decoded
.-- .- .-. / -. . ...- . .-. / -.-. .... .- -. --. . ... W AR N E VE R C HA NG E S


  • PCPC Dr. Adami may not be found at the U.S. Army field headquarters.[verified]
  • PCPC Attacking the tents' windows with a power fist will cause them to bleed.[verified]