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For an overview of this magazine, see U.S. Covert Operations Manual.

Each installment of US Covert Ops Training Manual you collect adds a rank in the Infiltration perk, which gives a slight increase to your sneak chance.— VDSG Catalogue No.8432

U.S. Covert Operations Manual is a perk magazine in Fallout 4 that gives the player character ranks of the Covert Operations perk.


U.S. Covert Operations Manual is a training handbook produced by the United States Department of the Army to train its personnel in the art of subterfuge. The manuals were not intended for public circulation and were marked "Authorized Eyes Only."


Each magazine gives a rank of the Covert Operations perk which makes one more difficult to detect while sneaking.

Magazine issues

Editor ID Issue Location Location Description Form ID
01 FH 5-01, Whistling in the Dark Lexington: The Switchboard On the desk by the terminal in the executive office above the open office and double stairwell area. 0008E737
02 FH 5-02, Urban Camouflage USS Constitution Ship interior, on a corner table inside the captain's cabin. 0008E738
03 FH 5-03, Facepaint Fundamentals Federal ration stockpile On the main table in front of the sofa, in Red Tourette’s base, southeast tunnels near exit to Lonely Chapel. 0008E739
04 FH 5-04, Not the Soldiers You're Looking For Abandoned shack (Federal Surveillance Center K-21B) In the federal surveillance center, deepest area, on the light blue metal computer bank, near the steamer trunk and terminal. 0008E73A
05 FH 5-05, Who Goes There? Fort Strong armory On the desk of General Brock, southwest corner of the first floor. 0008E73B
06 FH 5-06, Squeaky Floorboard, Sudden Death Fort Hagen Command Center On the side table of the bedroom and kitchenette room, just east of the armory. The room can't be reached until the Reunions quest becomes active. 0008E73C
07 FH 5-07, Bushes, Boxes, and Beehives Camouflage Special* Libertalia By the red chair and oil lamp on an exposed outlook on the main shanty ship, on the last level before the entrance to the captain's cabin, same level as the white metal cabin. 0008E73D
08 FH 5-08, Getting the Drop on Communists* National Guard Training Yard On a table in the cafeteria of the National Guard barracks, near a cooler (northwest, first floor). 0008E73E
09 FH 5-09, Look Better in Black Revere Satellite Array In the shanty hut atop the central satellite support (without the dish). 0008E73F
10 FH 5-10, Tiptoe Through the Tulips USAF Satellite Station Olivia Inside the computer room (intel room) near the entrance unlocked by terminal (southeast interior) or with key found in last room on lower level in steamer trunk, on the desk with the mini nuke. 0008E740

* Note that the graphics of #7 and #8 are reversed (see bugs), so if you check your inventory for which ones you have and which not, reverse those two.


All of the manuals seem to have an error on the bottom text, reading "Department The Army." It should read, judging by the Department of the Army logo used above, "Department Of The Army."

Behind the scenes

The cover of an actual 1965 issued field manual on the M1 Garand Rifle

  • The collection of manuals is based on real world Field Manuals issued by the US Department of the Army, particularly those issued in the 1960s.
  • Some of the issue titles also refer to common phrases and to real world pop culture:
    • "Whistling in the Dark" is a common idiom meaning "to put on a brave front."
    • "Not the Soldiers You're Looking For" is a reference to Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, where Obi-Wan Kenobi says "These aren't the droids you're looking for."
    • "Who Goes There?" is the name of a science fiction novella by John W. Campbell, Jr., written in 1938 and made into several films, the best known of which is John Carpenter's The Thing (1982).
    • "Squeaky Floorboard, Sudden Death" is a Splinter Cell reference, in particular to the third game in the series, Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory.
    • "Bushes, Boxes and Beehives Camouflage Special" is a nod to the Metal Gear Solid game series, of which hiding in a cardboard box is a signature, and where Snake may hide behind bushes, under boxes and use beehives as a method of distraction.
    • "Look Better in Black" alludes to a quote from City of Bones, part of the Mortal Instruments series of novels. The quote is as follows: "It means 'Shadowhunters: Looking Better in Black Than the Widows of our Enemies Since 1234'."
    • "Tiptoe Through the Tulips" is a reference to the song of the same name.


PCIcon pc.png Playstation 4Icon ps4.png Xbox OneIcon xboxone.png The world graphic of issue #7 matches the inventory graphic of #8 and vice versa.[verified]


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