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U.S. Army: 30 Handy Flamethrower Recipes is a book in Fallout 3.

A skills book that raises your Big Guns skill by 1 point when interacted with.

Known Locations (25/25)

Fallout 3:

Number Location
1 Five Axles Rest Stop in the truck that serves as the main raider lair.
2 On the roof of VAPL-58 Power Station, SW of Arefu.
3 Inside Bethesda Offices East a Raider (the one with Flamer) carries one. respawns every 73 hours!
4 In a room full of weapons on the bottom floor of the Wheaton Armory its behind a very hard door or a very hard terminal.
5 In the Utility Room of the Anchorage Memorial.
6 North of the Nuka-Cola Plant and east ofthe Red Racer Factory on a table in Dot's Diner.
7 Evergreen Mills, Southern Shack.
8 In Farragut West Station right after you encounter the ghouls you gas and ignite, under the staircase through an Average locked door.
9 In the southwestern most tunnel of Murder Pass.
10 In John's Treasure Box, an ammo container, in the Scrapyard (NW corner, in the burned out bus near the red railroad car). You need the key, which can be found on a body in a random encounter.
11 On a table in the Capitol Building Dome, where you fight the Super Mutant Behemoth.
12 On the floor beside a desk with a cash register on your left when you enter La Maison Beauregard Lobby.
13 One in the auto shop by Takoma Industrial, just watch out for the Behemoth right outside.
14 In a truck located at the mid-point between Jury Street Metro Station and VAPL-84 Power Station.
15 National Guard Depot in the armory, next to Experimental M.I.R.V.
16 In a raider camp, located in a dead-end alley just east of Red Racer Factory. It is at the foot of the bed.
17 In a truck south of Corvega Factory.
18 In the Car Dealership building east of Fairfax Ruins on the upper level where there are smaller, ruined vehicles. You need to jump onto the coffee table in the corner to get to there.
19 Arlington/Falls Church Metro: On a chair inside an open container on the way to the Arlington Cemetery exit.
20 In Franklin Metro Utility, which can be reached through the subway near Hubris Comics, past the underwater section.
21 In the Bus a little north from Grisly Diner.
22 In L'Enfant, northeast corner (east of L'Enfant Plaza), in is a small camp underneath a partially-collapsed overpass.
23 Sunken Sewer.
24 Arlington Utility.
25 On a hill eastnortheast of Reclining Groves Resort Homes, directly northeast of the Scavenger's barn, amongst a heap of tin cans.
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