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U.S.S.A. encryption key program is a holotape in the Fallout 76 update Wastelanders.


The tape can be found on the ship's Assaultron, PANDORA, during Crash Landing.


USSA Encryption Key: 2070-DS_b

;flight recorder encryption key v2070_DS_beta
;;comment: requires deep sleep ussa ID to
;;;authenticate. only use with flight recorder
;;;;model 2070b -mcaldera

   ... call decryption on $PASSCODE
   ... run USSA KEY2070-DS_B module
   ... input $PASSCODE
   ... if $PASSCODE confirmed
   ... ... call stop on decryption
   ... input $PASSCODE

EXECUTE:> encryption key

... executing ....

ERROR: Passcode not recognized.

A valid United States Space Agency passcode is required to execute this program.

Return this program to the nearest Military Officer or U.S.S.A. representative for face imprisonment. Article XXIIV Section 11101-2070 paragraph b-f