Tygart water treatment is a location in the Forest region of Appalachia.


Once a fully-functional water treatment facility on the shores of the Tygart Valley River, the nuclear war made it a lucrative target for the raiders that formed in Appalachia. Fortified, protected, and easy to defend, it was turned into a slaving hub, with captives kept in emptied water treatment vats. The raiders proved to be unable to produce pure water and dysentery had taken its toll.[1]

Coupled with natural deterioration, the plant was in a terrible state by the time Responders took control to use the plant for purifying water and researching the Scorched plague. In the words of Sanjay Kumar, the place looked like it was run by animals.[2]


The derelict water plant is located on the southern side of the river and is a compact location. On the fenced-in top portion of the water tanks, there is a cooking station and an armor workbench, with the steamer trunk next to the northern edge. The derelict clarifiers next to the control center contain junk and minor loot.

To open the doors, player characters need to enter the control hut overlooking the stream and use the terminal inside. Access can be gained by entering through the drainage pipe that discharged the treated water on the northwest side. Surrounding the building are several wood piles and logs. There is a trailer located here, where the message for Jeff holotape is found, as well as a computer terminal and tinker's workbench.

Notable loot

  • Message for Jeff - Holotape, on the floor of a trailer. It begins the daily quest Ecological Balance.
  • Sanjay's report - Holotape, inside the pipe used to enter the plant on the north side.
  • Potential Vault-Tec bobblehead - In the southeastern corner, near a mattress within the enclosed raider camp, on a crate.
  • Potential magazine - In the northeast corner of the fenced structure atop the water tanks, next to a radio.
  • Potential armor plan - Inside the enclosed raider camp, to the right of an armor workbench.
  • Potential armor mod - Inside the enclosed raider camp, on a small metal table below the northern guard tower.
  • Potential recipe - Inside the enclosed raider camp, on a small metal shelf, to the left of a cooking stove.


Tygart water treatment appears only in Fallout 76.



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