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Twisted Hairs are dead, lost at Dry Wells, died in Vulpes' smile. Won't discuss their fate with you, not now - their past is mine to keep.Ulysses

The Twisted Hairs were a tribe from what was Arizona. The tribe was known for the iconic and elaborate dreadlocks worn by its members.


Once a powerful tribe in Arizona, the Twisted Hairs forged an alliance with Caesar in the early days of his Legion to act as scouts for him during his conquest of that state. Once the Legion had secured victory, Caesar and Vulpes Inculta promptly rewarded their aid by breaking the alliance and betraying them; conquering and enslaving them as he had done to all the other tribes of Arizona. Their tribal identity was erased and those that resisted were crucified along the sides of Interstate 40.[1]

Ulysses was a former member of the Twisted Hairs tribe, who still wears the namesake hairstyle of the tribe even after being conscripted as a Frumentarius by Caesar's Legion upon the tribe's forced assimilation.

Ulysses makes mention in the Y-17.23 log that the White Legs imitated his dreadlocks as a mark of respect, unaware that he considered it an insult.[2] Ulysses lost himself in trying to read what the braids meant, before remembering that the White Legs had put no meaning in the braid, "ignorant of what the knots meant."[3] This could mean that the Twisted Hairs documented their personal achievements using their hair or using braiding techniques for different meanings, much like the Dead Horses and their tattoos. They stored their histories and messages in their hair for other tribe members to see, for example, marriage, profession, and how many they'd killed.[4]


The Twisted Hairs are mentioned in Fallout: New Vegas.

Behind the scenes

The tribe was planned for inclusion in the canceled Van Buren and Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel 2, under the leadership of Harpy.


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