Twin Pine Cabins is a location in the Forest region of Appalachia in 2103. It is located northeast of Vault 76, past the North Kanawha lookout.


Intermittent battles for territory between the Scorched and super mutant resulted in this once-idyllic pair of cabins being turned into a place of bloodshed. By 2103, the Blood Eagles had killed the creatures and taken up residence in the location. The gang lost four members while taking over, but spared one super mutant to gain information from it. It said that others would be coming, before the Blood Eagles stabbed it to death and burned the rest of the corpses.[1]


Twin Pine Cabins are two cabins formerly used as a super mutant camp. By the time the player character arrives, it has been overrun by the Blood Eagles. A dirt path from the highway leads south, up to the two cabins. The western cabin is situated on a ridge above the east cabin. Mines are scattered throughout the location.

The eastern cabin contains a green military trunk and a refrigerator. There are two handcuffed skeletons hidden under the floorboards. There is a cooking station located at the rear of the eastern cabin, near the blue car. Wood piles can be found underneath the porch of the west cabin to use with the cooking station.

The western cabin contains some lockers, a first aid kit, cooler, and a weapons workbench. A ramp from a ledge outside of the western cabin crosses to the roof of the eastern cabin and a wooden crate. A level zero locked safe can be found underneath the ledge.

Notable lootEdit


Before Wastelanders, the location was inhabited by the Scorched. The update added a number of exterior changes to the location, as well as the Blood Eagles that currently inhabit it.


Twin Pine Cabins appears only in Fallout 76.



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