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The Twin Mothers Village is a location in Van Buren, the canceled Fallout 3 by Black Isle Studios.


The Twin Mothers are very friendly and trusting people. Upon meeting the player character they will ask them if they come in peace. If the player character agrees that they have, they will accept them and allow them free run of the village. The tribe is run by two chiefs. A woman is chosen to govern the tribe in its daily affairs. She makes all decisions concerning law and its enforcement. A man is chosen to govern providing for the tribe. He makes all decisions concerning growing food, its preparation, and storage, and providing clothing and shelter.[1]


Village interior

The Twin Mothers village is built into the side of a cliff much like the pueblo dwellings of old. The buildings are constructed from a combination of stone and adobe. The village is well laid out, spacious, and clean. Access to the village is via a wood ladder built into a shaft. The ladder can be removed in times of emergency. A similar shaft holds a lift that is used to transport grain and such to the storage areas in the village. The village is laid out in sections. To the far left is the home of the shaman and the infirmary.

Base of Ladder

This is where the player character will initially meet with the Twin Mothers tribe. The city will be on alert from the field guard's warning. Both chieftains will be waiting to greet the player character at the base of the ladder that leads to the city. At any sign of trouble, the chieftains will flee up the ladder and bring it up after them. The player character will then be ignored.


Anyone who is ill is separated quickly from the rest of the tribe to prevent the spread of disease. In such matters, the shaman has the final word on whether or not someone can be released back into the tribe. To the right and below the infirmary are the warehouses. Here food and grain are prepared and stored. The communal ovens are here as well as a common eating area.

Village square

Next is the village square. This circular area sports a fire pit where people can gather at night and talk, sing, or eat a meal outdoors. The home of the two chiefs and a shrine to the goddess is here as well. Above and to the right of the village square are the living quarters. At various places throughout the village are inert robot sentries.

Village exterior


These are the crop fields of the Twin Mothers. They consist of a variety of fruits, vegetables, wheat, and corn. At the outskirts of the fields are the cattle farms that provide meat for the tribe and fertilizer for the fields.

The Dish

There is a large satellite dish and a control room. The dish is old and shows signs of wear but appears working. The interior has been decorated to honor the Goddess and the God of the people. However, none of the apparatus has been damaged. The dish is powered by banks of solar cells.

Mystery caves

These caves are home to some new arrivals in the area. A group of monsters (type to be determined) has moved in. The creatures were attracted by the nearby crops, cattle, or the presence of water in the area.

Forbidden Lands

The forbidden lands are a simply a stretch of land at the rear of the box canyon that holds the Twin Mothers village. It is an unsettled territory that eventually leads to the entrance to Vault 29. It is held in superstitious awe. The area is being used as a camp by a group of raiders.

Vault 29

Vault 29 is located on the outskirts of the village. It is the vault that the Twin Mothers tribe originally descended from.

Related quests

  • Discover why Alaya will not marry Eldron - Eldron is in love with Alaya and would like to wed her. However, she has refused his proposal. He is quite confused by this and would like to know why.
  • The Blessing of the goddess - Alaya will not marry Eldron without the blessing of the goddess. The Prisoner could convince Helea, the shaman, that she is the representative of the goddess and able to give a blessing.
  • Discover the vault -There is a vault hidden in the forbidden lands. The Prisoner must find the entry and discover a way in.
  • Restore security - Once in the vault, the Prisoner can talk to the ZAX computer there and convince it to reactivate the local security robots.
  • Discover the dish - Once in the Vault 29, the Prisoner can talk to the ZAX computer there and convince it to reveal where it receives orders from.
  • Find the Nursery location - Once the Prisoner finds the dish they can examine the equipment there and determine the location of the Nursery.
  • Choose to deal with the raiders - A group of raiders has set up camp in the forbidden lands. The tribe is providing them with food and livestock even though their resources are dwindling.
  • Choose to deal with the wasteland creatures - Wasteland critters have been raiding the crops. If the raids continue there will be a food shortage.
  • The voice of the goddess - The goddess has stopped speaking with the tribe and her servants (security bots) have stopped defending them. They do not know what they have done to offend her.



The Twin Mothers Village was to appear only in Van Buren, the canceled Fallout 3 by Black Isle Studios.

Behind the scenes

This area was designed by John Deiley.