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Turret robots are a part of Vault-Tec's robotic security system used to protect the Secret Vault. These turrets are usually hidden below the floor and when the need arises, they quickly pop up and shoot, sometimes automatically closing the doors to the room they are placed in.

There are a total of eight of them guarding the entrance to the Secret Vault, and special power sources are used to maintain them in working condition. These sources can be considered the system's weak spot. There are more of these systems inside the Vault.

When the Initiate of the Brotherhood of Steel makes his way to the Vault's entrance, some dumb super mutants accidentally activate the system. However, the Initiate manages to destroy all eight turret Robots and their power sources, unlocking the doors. Later, he battled some more robot turrets guarding the Vault's facilities and laboratories. On few occasions, the Initiate could even take control of a robot turret to kill some super mutants.


Turret robots appear only in Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel as both an enemy, a controllable device and a boss fight in the end of Chapter Two.


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