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Tunnels (editorID: QASmoke) is a test cell in Fallout 4, that can only be accessed with console commands.

It is named "Tunnels" on the local map, and can be visited using the console command coc QASmoke. This location contains the majority of items in the game, including some of the cut content, such as the Vault 101 jumpsuit.


This room is made up of various building pieces with an open area that contains every crafting station, two rows of power armor, and containers for each of the categories of items. There is an assorted amount of ammo, most of the aid items hold around 200 of each individual item. It has every individual copy of each of the magazines, pieces of clothing, weapons and holotapes.

Several quest items are available in the containers, and if they are collected, their associated quests will be initiated if they have not already been completed. Therefore, caution is advised if players using the Tunnels room do not wish to initiate these quests prematurely.

There are additional containers available for each add-on that provides additional items that is installed. In addition, if Nuka-World is installed, the Nuka T-51 and Quantum X-01 power armors will be available.


  • There are no exits, so the only way to leave is to use coc <cell ID> to teleport to another cell.
  • There are exits who can be found in the open area. One leads to a destroyed house close to Sanctuary, another one to the cellar of the Castle, one directly into the Institute, and one into the Children of Atom crater. They can only be opened with the QASmoke key which can be found close to a container in the area.
  • A notable item not available in this cell is You're SPECIAL!


Tunnels appears only in Fallout 4.

Behind the scenes

  • The name of the cell strongly implies its primary use is for smoke testing by Bethesda's QA team.
  • Identically-named test cells exist in a number of other Bethesda games, such as Skyrim.[1]