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The Tunnel of Love is out of commission! Help Mr. Lovely fix up the attraction.

Event: Tunnel of Love is a public event in Fallout 76, introduced in the Nuka-World on Tour update.

Quick walkthrough[]

  • Speak to Mr. Lovely.
  • Collect heart decorations (x6) and hang them at the lampposts.
  • Repair sections of the coaster track (x10).
  • Collect robot parts (x3) and build "Miss Lovely."
  • Eat, drink and emote (x20) and enjoy the wedding.

Detailed walkthrough[]

The event is started by talking to Mr. Lovely at the Tunnel of Love in Nuka-World on Tour. He will ask for help in restoring the attraction and setting it up for operation. Head down the tunnel to begin the first objective, collecting heart decorations and hanging them on the lamps. The participants of the event must find six heart decorations and place them on the decoration spots while battling mole miners and mole rats in the cave.

Once this is done, Mr. Lovely will give instructions for the next task: repairing the coaster tracks. There are ten sections of the track that are bent and must be interacted with to repair them. Following the track will loop the participants around the location by the time they are done.

Mr. Lovely will remark that the ride looks much improved, but laments that he has no one to share the experience with. A legendary deathclaw will spawn in the cave as the participants collect robot parts to construct "Miss Lovely," a companion for Mr. Lovely. A wedding stage is set up in the area for the parts to be assembled at.

After "Miss Lovely" (in reality, a shoddy-looking, unmoving statue with a wig that resembles a Miss Nanny) is finished, the participants have some time to gather at the wedding area and see Mr. Lovely and Miss Lovely be united in holy matrimony. The participants must eat, drink and emote twenty times together to enjoy the wedding. Afterwards, Mr. Lovely will say his vows and the event will complete.


  • Caps and experience.
  • Burning Love bow or Love Tap submachine gun.
  • Event-specific plans: Cupid Cappy, Tunnel of Love snowglobe, Tunnel of Love posters.
  • Two recipes for NWOT-specific consumables: Caramel mutfruit, carnival pie, gulper stuffed foot, Nuka-Bottle dog, Nuka-Dog, radroach skewers, radscorpion kebab, radscorpion skewer, yao guai pastry.
  • Random generic Nuka-World on Tour plan reward: Cappy or Bottle backpack flair, Cappy Smasher super sledge mod, and Nuka-World On Tour workshop recipes (standalone poster, ad barriers, Nuka stall crates, NWOT balloon, Nuka Bottle kiosk, carnival statues, Cappy Clapper, Bottle Bot).
  • 3 Treasury Notes (eq. to 30 gold bullion)
  • 1 Nuka-Cola Twist
  • Random Nuka-World on Tour consumables: Caramel mutfruit, carnival pie, gulper stuffed foot, Nuka-Bottle dog, Nuka-Dog, radroach skewers, radscorpion kebab, radscorpion skewer, yao guai pastry.
  • Random Nuka-Cola, Rad-X, stimpaks, anti-radiation drugs.

Quest stages[]

Quest stages
DescriptionLog Entry
Speak with <Alias=MrHandy>The ride looks amazing, but it sure is a little quiet around here. Maybe that robot has some insight.
Wait for the door to open
Find and place heart lamps (#/#)A few of the poles are missing their heart lamps. Mr. Lovely said they should be nearby.
Listen to instructions
Repair the tracks (#/#)Parts of the track are bent out of shape. The ride can't operate if the tracks are broken.
Listen to instructions
Find parts and build <Alias=FakeMissHandy> (#/#)Mr. Lovely seemed lonely. Let's find someone for him to enjoy the ride with.
Go to the Wedding
Eat, drink and emote to enjoy the wedding! (#/#)Enjoy the celebration!

Behind the scenes[]

  • During early testing in the Public Test Server, this event had the basic quest icon/animation of a Vault Boy thumbs-up. It was later replaced with a unique icon/animation.
  • During development, the idea of having the camera in the Tunnel of Love flash every time a player walked by was discussed. It was on the shortlist of development goals at one point, but was ultimately cut due to the risk of having multiple flashes at once.[1]