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Creation Club logo.jpgThe following is based on Creation Club content and is not canon.

Tunnel Snakes Rule! is a side quest in the Fallout 4 Creation Club content "Tunnel Snakes Rule!"


Listen to the faint radio signal to be directed to the Fens Way station. Navigate the area to a door to the subway maintenance access. Enter through a Novice locked door, and through one of two arched doors in the wall to find what appears to be an abandoned camp. Clear this section of the metro tube and continue back right to be ambushed by a feral ghoul who crawls out behind some scaffolding ramps and another feral who appears to be sleeping on a bed.

What remains of Wally Mack, who is now a glowing one, comes down from the top of the scaffolding ramps. Kill him and collect some interesting loot.

Quest stages

Quest stages
StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
5 Listen to the Faint Radio SignalI've picked up a faint radio signal. I should tune in and listen.
10 Locate Origin of Faint Radio SignalI've detected a faint radio signal transmitting eerie noises. I should try to find the origin of the broadcast.
20 Investigate the Radio RoomI discovered a band of feral ghouls that seem to have once been people living in the subway tunnels. I should look around for notes that might tell me more about who they were.
30 Find Wally MackThe band of ghouls were once a gang that called themselves the "Tunnel Snakes". It seems they all suffered from high levels of radiation from somewhere within the tunnels. Their former leader, Wally Mack, could still be alive. He might be able to provide some answers for what happened here.
40 Defeat Wally MackI found Wally Mack, but he has become a hideous Glowing One from incredible amounts of radiation.
50Quest finishedI defeated Wally Mack, and Boston is now free of what remained of the Tunnel Snakes.


Icon pc.png When the Sole Survivor goes to Concord, one of two glitches can happen with this quest active. One, when the Sole Survivor exits onto the roof with the power armor and minigun, Concord does not have any raiders or the deathclaw boss, making it impossible to proceed with the quest to help Garvey and his wards. Or, the enemies are present, but after the Sole Survivor kills them, Preston Garvey and his wards do not complete their dialogue and do not go to Sanctuary. Either way, Garvey and his companions cannot go to Sanctuary. Bugs affecting Codsworth in Sanctuary are also possible.[verification overdue]

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