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The Tunnel Snake outfit is a piece of clothing in Fallout 3.


It is a leather jacket with a snake emblem on the back, worn on top of a Vault 101 jumpsuit. It is worn by the Tunnel Snakes gang in Vault 101 and provides a Damage Resistance of 4 and a bonus of 5 to Melee Weapons. To repair it, the Lone Wanderer needs another Tunnel Snake outfit.


  • During Escape!:
    • One can help Butch DeLoria save his mother from radroaches during the quest (in any of the available ways). Once the roaches are dead, Butch will reward the player character with his outfit.
    • Instead of helping him, one can just kill Butch (or allow him to be killed by radroaches) and then loot his jacket.
  • After completing Trouble on the Homefront:
    • One can obtain this outfit by killing Butch in Rivet City.
    • If the player character has sabotaged Vault 101, they can loot the Tunnel Snake outfit from Freddie Gomez's body in a random encounter.
    • The Lone Wanderer can reverse pickpocket better armor on him without having to sabotage the vault, by taking better armor with them inside, such as raider armor.
  • Three more can be obtained in Vault 106. One will need a Stealth Boy and three suits of average condition armor. When reaching the Survivor, trigger the hallucination and activate the Stealth Boy. Pickpocket the armors onto the hallucinations of Butch, Wally, and Paul, and sneak back to the living quarters. Come back and they should be wearing what was given to them and their outfits can be pickpocketed.
  • These clothes appear in the game files for Fallout: New Vegas, but are only obtainable through console commands.