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The tuned receiver is a weapon mod for the hunting rifle, the pipe bolt-action pistol and the pipe revolver in Fallout 4, though the pipe revolver mod is usually not obtainable without the use of console commands. It does not require any perks to craft.


The tuned receiver provides better rate of fire to the modded weapon.


The recipe for this weapon mod varies depending on the weapon for which it is made:

Adhesive (2-3)
Oil (2-4)
Screw (2)
Spring (0-2)
Steel (3-5)
Tuned receiver (1)
Weapon Adhesive Oil Screw Spring Steel
Hunting rifle 3 4 2 0 5
Pipe bolt-action pistol 2 2 2 2 3


Crafted at a weapons workbench.


  • While there is a tuned receiver mod for the pipe revolver, it cannot be crafted. However, using console commands to acquire the weapon mod allows the mod to be applied to the weapon.
  • One can find a pipe revolver already containing the mod and remove it to add to any others. This mod is the only one to increase the fire rate while keeping the same ammunition requirement.