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Tumblers Today is a skill book in Fallout 3.


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Tumblers Today is a book containing information about the art of lockpicking or rather information of the latest in mechanical locks found in safes, footlockers and doors.


Reading this book permanently improves your Lockpick skill by 1, or by 2 with the Comprehension perk.


Closest map markerLocation description
Arlington LibraryMedia Archives: The desk flanked by two sets of microfiche readers in the room with the safe (it's the southern-most room) that is very close to the Children's Wing door. A battle with raiders may knock the book off the desk; check the floor if there is nothing on the desk.
Broadcast tower KB5In the drainage chamber, on the floor in front of a locked door
Broadcast tower KB5To the west-northwest, in the ruins of a house occupied by raiders, on a shelf along the wall that is shared with a freezer filled with gore. It's next to the plates on the shelves. Note that a car exploding outside can knock the skill book off the shelf, making it very hard to find.
Drowned Devil's CrossingIn the red truck trailer near the bridge
Falls ChurchSouthernmost office building, on a desk. In the room with the bear trap.
Falls Church/Mason Dst MetroIn Franklin Metro Utility, on the lower floor to the right of the turret. It is on top of the average locked mine box.
Flooded metroOutside the southern map marker (West of Arlington Library), in the raider encampment. A copy is located on a raised platform, where the raider that carries missile launcher usually stands.
Freedom Street stationOn a table where the scavenger resides. Must be stolen.
Germantown Police HQBasement: in the Average locked weapons closet
Jury Street Metro stationAfter completing the unmarked quest Rube's Gold Ribbon inside Gold Ribbon Grocers
L.O.B. EnterprisesEast Wing on CEO's desk. Be careful if using explosives against the robots, as they may cause it to fly into the terrain.
Mama Dolce'sAt the Food Distribution section, in the dug-out basement, next to two locked safes (one average, one hard) and three upturned desks
Mason Dixon SalvageOn the floor next to the footlocker in the abandoned shack, the one that doesn't have the broken refrigerator inside
Meresti trainyardIn the Meresti service tunnel, on the table near Robert's bed (the guy who guards the entrance to the Family gang encampment). While it is amongst owned goods, the book itself can be taken without a Karma penalty.
Cratered hamlet*Next to a bathtub in one of the demolished houses
MinefieldIn Gibson house, sitting in the office on the desk
Nuka-Cola plantIn the factory floor area, in the closet with the easy locked safe, in the room with the computer that has the shipping manifest
Roosevelt AcademyIn the Arts and Athletics Hall, on a desk near a locked safe of the third floor
Seward Sq. North MetroIn the sewer, which is northeast of the map marker. Near the debris area on the southeastern tunnel - the Hidden stash note will lead you to it.
Sewer waystationTo the southwest of the sewer waystation is Talon Company camp, where the book is in the store room on a shelf
Smith Casey's garageIn the open safe behind the counter, located on the immediate right as you enter the garage
Tenpenny TowerSoutheast of the tower, on a bookshelf on the second floor of a wrecked building
Vault 106The science area: after going down both flights of stairs, there is a room to your right with two visible lockers. In the back of this room on the left.
Vault 108Entrance floor in a small storage room adjacent to the malfunctioning generator. Behind several yellow metal crates is an metal ladder on top of which is a Nuka-cola Quantum, book is under the ladder, but apparently inaccessible. Try to throw grenade inside ladder, blast may launch the book to a more accessible place.
Wasteland gypsy villageOutside the center enterable shack. In a turned over refrigerator to the left of the door.

* The Official Game Guide refers to this place as the 'Cratered Hamlet'.


PCIcon pc Playstation 3Icon ps3 Xbox 360Icon xbox360 The Vault 108 location of Tumblers Today is bugged. The best way to get this book is to place a lot of frag mines (usually 15) on the closest corner of the previous room. With a frag grenade as trigger, the book should be blown to an accessible position (see [1]). Another way to access this book is by wedging an explosive under the stepladder to move it. This last method is an extremely trial-and-error prone process, as the collision box for the stepladder will prevent you from interacting with it in any way, including the 'grab' button, despite being clearly visible and close enough for taking. On the PC version, it is straightforward to gain access to this book by simply disable clipping (tcl) in order to gain access to the book. [verified]

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