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Tumblers Today is a skill book in Fallout: New Vegas.


Tumblers Today is a book containing information about the art of lockpicking or rather information of the latest in mechanical locks found in safes, footlockers, and doors.


Reading this book permanently increases the player character's Lockpick skill by 3 points (4 with the Comprehension perk).


With the add-on Old World Blues, this skill book can be crafted by the player character.

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Tumblers Today (1)
Note: The recipe is consumed as part of the crafting process, only one book can be crafted.


Aside from being crafted, the skill book can be found in the following locations.

Closest map markerLocation description
Bitter Springs recreation areaInside the office shack to the west, on the desk in the smaller of the two rooms.
Hopeville Missile Base Gametitle-FNV LRInside the Hopeville men's barracks, in the toilets underneath an overturned box.
Prospector's DenInside the caves, in the subterranean den structure, in the large barracks room, on the floor in the far right corner.
Sierra Madre Casino Gametitle-FNV DMIn the casino floor area, in the southeast third floor office on top of the tool cabinet.
Silver Peak mineInside the shack, behind the two small tables, on the ground in an open locker, to the right of the entrance.
Wolfhorn ranchInside the farmhouse, partially under the fridge without a door.


The Fallout: New Vegas patch replaced the book previously found in the Crow's Nest with two skill magazines.

Behind the scenesEdit

The word "tumblers" comes from the term used when describing a pin tumbler lock, which is a lock mechanism that uses pins of varying lengths to prevent the lock from being opened without the correct key.


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