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Father Tully, at yer service. I'm th' spritual advisor to th' good p... well, to th' people of New Reno

Father Tully is the head priest who can be found in a church in New Reno's Commercial Row in 2241.


Father Tully is an elderly man in brown robes with whiskey blotches on his cheeks.[1] He is almost perpetually drunk and when not, looks for money to get drunk with. Although he claims that the Temperance Union and Missus Wright helped him break his habit, it is apparent that they did not and is still an alcoholic. He claims to have been sober for a month, but then instead says a week due to him being unsure. Yet despite his habits, he is the only preacher in the city who listens to confessions of the mighty and wealthy, making him a good source of information. However, this occasionally is hindered by him wanting a gift of alcohol to soothe his throat.

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Brown robes


  • There was going to be a quest to retrieve a bottle of wine for Father Tully from one of his old friends in the Abbey, a location cut from the final game.
  • Father Tully has one of the highest HP stats for an NPC in the game, at 999 (equaled by Frank Horrigan, the final boss of the game).


Father Tully appears only in Fallout 2 and is mentioned in the Fallout Bible.



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