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The tulip sky blue pant suit is a piece of clothing in the Fallout 76 update Steel Dawn.


A teal two-piece suit decorated with numerous red tulip flowers, along with a plain orange tie, white undershirt, and white dress shoes to complete the outfit.


The tulip sky blue pant suit can only be obtained by opening a second-generation (i.e. Steel Dawn) holiday gift. The drop chances are based on the gift rarity tiers and are as follows:

  • Looted small gift: 0.33%
  • Looted medium gift: 1.33%
  • Looted large gift: 2.67%
  • Crafted small gift: 0.66%
  • Crafted medium gift: 2.67%
  • Crafted large gift: 4.00%


The outfit can be traded between other players.