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Blue -Couldn't raise you on the phone this morning, so I'm having Jenny bring you this note. Your delivery for the store got turned around on those new roads and had an accident. He's run off the road by the Cathedral. They'll need some time to sort things out, but Pagano probably won't want to wait that long to replace the lighthouse's beacon bulbs. You might want to get over to the wreck yourself and hand-deliver the bulbs.Holotape note

The truck wreckage is the location of a wrecked cargo truck that overturned on a hillside road in Point Lookout.


The truck was delivering a shipment of replacement light bulbs to the lighthouse when it overturned. Only one bulb can be found now.


A truck turned over on its side carrying a shipment of lighthouse bulbs, on a hillside road.

Notable loot

  • One lighthouse bulb is behind the truck's trailer, just over the metal sheet. It can be used to repair the light on top of the Point Lookout Lighthouse.
  • 2 bags of yeast lay in the truck towards the back. It is possible that 4 more are in the crates, which would yield enough yeast to fulfill the yeast ingredient requirements (3 needed) for the A Spoonful of Whiskey quest.


The truck wreckage appears only in the Fallout 3 add-on Point Lookout.