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|reward =200 XP<br />Graygarden as a settlement
|reward =200 XP<br />Graygarden as a settlement
|given by =[[Supervisor White]]
|given by =[[Supervisor White]]
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|baseid ={{ID|000482cd}}
|baseid ={{ID|000482cd}}

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Troubled Waters is a miscellaneous quest in Fallout 4.

Quick walkthrough

Quest: Troubled Waters
Meet Supervisor White at Graygarden and talk to her to initiate the quest.
Locate Weston water treatment plant.
Kill all Super Mutants guarding the plant.
Enter the plant and go down to basement via elevator.
Drain the water using 5 different switches.
Report back to Supervisor White.
Reward: 200 XP
Graygarden as a settlement

Detailed walkthrough

Meet Supervisor White at Graygarden and talk to her to initiate the quest. Head across the river to the Weston water treatment plant. The outside of the plant is guarded by super mutants, including a super mutant suicider, super mutant skirmisher, and hounds, and is often the target of a Brotherhood Vertibird raid so be prepared. Kill all super mutants guarding the plant.

Enter the plant via the main doors, and go down to basement via the elevator. This area is inhabited by mirelurks and ten Machine gun turrets, however the turrets can be switched off from a single terminal in a room not far from the entrance to the main area. It is perhaps worth noting that every enemy inside the building is weak to energy weapons, so your multicrank laser musket or the like will come in quite handy.

There are five circuit breakers located throughout the facility and four auxiliary pumps that will lower the water level. The main pump will restore water to Graygarden.

After draining the facility, report back to Supervisor White. As a reward the player will be able to use Graygarden as a permanent settlement.

Quest stages

50 Talk to Supervisor White in Graygarden
100 Investigate the Water Treatment Plant
120 Drain the flooded Water Treatment Plant
130 Restart the Main Pump
200 Return to Supervisor White
450 Talk to Preston Garvey - if Preston started quest
500Icon checkQuest complete
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