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Most of our water comes from the old Weston plant, south of here. Such an eyesore. Be a dear and pay it a visit, hmm? See what you can do? Maybe tidy up the place? It must be filthy. If you can get it working again, I'm sure I can... come up with something for you.Supervisor White

Troubled Waters is a Minutemen side quest in Fallout 4.

Quick walkthrough

Minutemen side quest: Troubled Waters
Speak to Supervisor White at Graygarden.
Travel to Weston water treatment plant.
Deal with the super mutants.
Enter the plant and take the elevator.
Activate the five pumps to drain the plant.
Report your success to Supervisor White.
Reward: ~100 caps
Graygarden as a settlement
Report your success to Preston Garvey.
Reward: 200+ XP

Detailed walkthrough

After joining the Minutemen, this quest can be obtained when talking to Preston Garvey or listening to Radio Freedom. The Sole Survivor is informed that a robot from Graygarden has sent a message requesting help, and the Minutemen should respond. Alternatively, the quest may be obtained directly from Supervisor White even if the Sole Survivor has not joined the Minutemen.

To proceed with the quest the Sole Survivor must travel to Graygarden and speak with their leader, Supervisor White. After giving a rundown on Graygarden's origins and purpose, White brings up the settlement's water supply, which has degraded significantly since the war. She asks the Sole Survivor to travel to the source, Weston water treatment plant, and try to clean things up a bit.

Upon arriving at the treatment plant the Sole Survivor finds the exterior overrun with super mutants. They must fight or stealth their way through to reach the interior of the building and investigate further.

The first interior area is devoid of hostiles and defenses. After taking the elevator to the basement, the Sole Survivor encounters an automated turret. Walking down the stairs ahead of the elevator reveals the trouble with the plant: the majority of it has flooded due to the pumps shutting down.

At this point, the Sole Survivor must fight their way through the mirelurks infesting the plant to activate five pumps: four to lower the water level and one to restore the water supply to Graygarden. There are also several turrets to be dealt with, either by destroying them or deactivating them using the terminal in the room to the right of the elevator. Movement through the plant is gated by electronic doors, which won't open until the water behind them has been lowered by activating the next pump.

After draining the facility and activating the final pump, the Sole Survivor can report back to Supervisor White to receive thanks and a reward of ~100 caps, as well as access to the Graygarden workshop, a discount from Supervisor Greene, and some miscellaneous food items. If the quest was given by Preston Garvey, the Sole Survivor must report back to him to turn in the quest; it will be completed immediately upon receiving the reward otherwise.

Companion reactions

Accept the quest from Supervisor WhiteDislikesLikeLikeLikeLikeLikeNo reactionLikeLoveLikeLikeNo reactionLikeHates
Asking for more caps, being greedyLikeDislikesNo reactionDislikesNo reactionNo reactionLikeDislikesDislikesNo reactionNo reactionLikeLikeLike
Farm can't be run just by robots, need human managementNo reactionDislikesDislikesNo reactionLikeDislikesNo reactionNo reactionNo reactionDislikesHatesNo reactionLikeLike
Sarcasm, player does not miss televisionLikeNo reactionNo reactionDislikesLikeNo reactionLikeNo reactionNo reactionNo reactionNo reactionNo reactionNo reactionNo reaction
Impressed by farm run entirely by robots, no humans neededNo reactionLikeLikeLikeNo reactionNo reactionNo reactionNo reactionNo reactionDislikesNo reactionNo reactionNo reactionDislikes
Not impressed by robot's unique personality, still just a dumb robotLikeDislikesDislikesDislikesNo reactionNo reactionLikeDislikesNo reactionLikeDislikesLikeNo reactionLike
Crazy robot personality is "unique"... sort of half flatteryNo reactionLikeLikeLikeNo reactionLikeNo reactionLikeNo reactionNo reactionLikeNo reactionNo reactionNo reaction

Quest stages

Quest stages
StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
50 Travel to <Alias=ActualLocation>Radio Freedom reported a strange message from a robot, asking for help from the Minutemen. I should go to Graygarden and find out what the trouble is. OR
Preston Garvey has had a strange message from a robot, asking for help from the Minutemen. I should go to Graygarden and find out what the trouble is.
100 Investigate the Water Treatment PlantSupervisor White of Graygarden asked me to look into why the farm's water supply has been declining.
120 Drain the flooded Water Treatment PlantWeston Water Treatment Plant has been flooded. If I want to restore the water supply to Graygarden, I'll have to get it up and running again.
130 Restart the Main Pump
200 Return to Supervisor WhiteI managed to restart the Weston Water Treatment Plant. I should report back to Supervisor White in Graygarden for my reward.
450 Talk to Preston GarveyNow that I've helped <Alias=ActualLocation>, I need to let Preston know the good news. OR
I should talk to Preston and let him know we won't be gaining the support of <Alias=ActualLocation>.
500Quest finishedQuest completeI restored the water supply to Graygarden by restarting the old Weston Water Treatment Plant. OR
I angered the robotic residents of Graygarden by killing Supervisor White.


  • The water treatment plant can be reactivated before obtaining the quest; Supervisor White will give the rewards directly when speaking to her in this case.
  • Killing Supervisor White at any point will instantly fail the quest.