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A trog, result of a severe TDC infection.

The Troglodyte Degeneration Contagion or Troglitic Degeneration Contagion (TDC) is a transformative and degenerative disease that plagues the inhabitants of The Pitt in both the city's earlier and later history in 2104 and 2277, meaning the disease has existed for at least 173 years. It turns people into monsters known as trogs.

According to Dr. Sandra Kundanika who came up with the term, TDC is the result of intensively concentrated ambient radiation exposure combined with the unique industrial toxins and pollutants in the region that surrounds what was once Pittsburgh,[1][2] and cannot be contracted by contact with the infected.[3]


According to Dr. Kundanika, all people who live in TDC-active areas experience skin lesions after a few weeks of exposure. These are reversible, as they may clear after a month or more away from the area. For many sufferers this is the full extent of the effect. For a certain percentage of people exposed to the toxins of the Pitt region, TDC also alters the brain chemistry and thereby produces psychological effects, turning the affected into wildmen.[1]

Approximately 20% of the adults exposed to the TDC lose higher reasoning and motor skills over the course of several years, degenerating into the feral mutants called trogs. Nobody has ever recovered from full degeneration, although there are rumors that trogs retain some memories and recognize the faces of loved ones.[1] While adults have a slight chance of experiencing full degeneration, children born in TDC-infested areas have a nearly 100% degeneration rate, turning feral within weeks after birth, with one sole exception.[1]


Marie, daughter of Dr. Kundanika and Ishmael Ashur, was born with a natural adaptive immunity to TDC, offering hope that one day a cure for the Pitt's whole population can be developed. So far, the efforts at synthesizing this cure have been slow-going, mostly because Marie is still a baby and that (being the only test subject) she must be treated with care.[4][5]


Troglodyte Degeneration Contagion appears in the Fallout 3 add-on The Pitt and in the Fallout 76 update Expeditions: The Pitt.


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