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This is a transcript for dialogue with Trinnie.


GREETING GREETING Happy 50 Hey, good lookin'. How come you haven't bought me a drink yet? 1
GREETING Disgust 50 Shit. Just what this hole needs. Another woman. 2
Anger 50 Either buy me a drink, or take your skanky ass somewhere else. 3
GREETING Happy 50 Buy a girl a drink, sailor? 4
GREETING Disgust 50 Unless you're going to buy me a round, get lost. 5
MS03RCHistory1 Could I ask you about Rivet City's history? Happy 5 Can't help you with the history, honey. 6
What kind of place is this Rivet City?
What's it like living on a giant ship? Disgust 50 It's noisy, dark, and smelly. 7
Happy 50 But we're safe here. No Super Mutants or Raiders. And maybe Doctor Li will find a way to get clean water for us. 8
RCTrinnieBuyDrink Sure. Here's 5 caps. Go ahead and pick your poison. Surprise 50 Whoa! Why is the room spinning? {drunk} 9
Neutral 50 You're nice. I can tell you a secret. I'm drunk. No, that's not the secret. I have another secret. {very drunk. The second sentence is said in a sing-song voice.} 10
Sure. Here's 5 caps. Go ahead and pick your poison. Happy 50 Now that's what I like in a man. Enough caps to buy a lady a drink. 11
Sure. Here's 5 caps. Go ahead and pick your poison. Neutral 50 I guess you're okay. Thanks for the drink. 12
RCTrinnieNoSecret Keep your secret. I wouldn't want to take advantage of you. Sad 50 You're a real friend. My real friend. {drunk} 13
RCTrinnieNotInterested Sorry. Not interested. Get your own drinks. Anger 50 Tightwad! 14
Fear 50 No! Wait, I didn't mean that. Please, mister? Just one drink. 15
Sorry. Not interested. Get your own drinks. Anger 50 Bitch! 16
Surprise 50 These guys won't buy me a round. Just one? Please? 17
RCTrinnieSecret So what's this secret? Surprise 50 I know where Belle keeps her stash. But she doesn't know I know. {drunk} 18
Disgust 50 She keeps it under her bed. Real original, huh? {drunk} 19
Fear 50 I think I need to puke. {drunk} 20
SpeechChallengeFailure SpeechChallengeFailure Anger 50 I ought to slap you. 21
Fear 50 But I think I'll puke instead. {drunk} 22


I have to go now.
I hate to do this, but I have to go. Happy 50 Your loss, sugar. Come see me again sometime. 23
I'd better leave, Trinnie. Neutral 50 Don't let me stop you. 24
HELLO HELLO Anger 50 Belle, gimme another drink. 25
HELLO Surprise 50 Brock, how come you never put the moves on me? 26
HELLO Disgust 50 I've got the headache from hell. Do you have anything that will help? 27
HELLO Happy 50 Flak, honey, buy me a drink. I'm short on caps, and I really need one. 28
HELLO Happy 50 Shrapnel! You're my favorite man. Buy me a drink lover? 29
HELLO Happy 50 Hey, Sister. How about that drink you owe me? 30
HELLO Sad 50 Father Clifford, I've been a bad girl. {Teasing, with humor.} 31
HELLO Happy 50 Hey stranger. Wanna buy a girl a drink? 32
HELLO Sad 50 Can you spare enough for drink? I could really use one. 33
HELLO Disgust 50 What are you looking at? 34
RCGoodbye RCGoodbye Anger 50 Sure thing, Chief. Next time I'll take him into the back to fuck him instead. Sheesh! 35
RCGoodbye Anger 50 Fuck you, bitch. Oh, wait. Nobody wants to because you're too fugly! 36
RCGoodbye Anger 50 I'll say when I've had enough. You aren't my mother, Belle, so fuck off. 37
RCGoodbye Anger 50 Not yet. I'm still able to remember. Leave me alone, Brock. You aren't my father. Thank God, too. 38
RCGoodbye Disgust 50 I'm not that desperate. 39
RCGoodbye Anger 50 You're wrong. I haven't had enough to drink. In fact, I think I'll order another one right now. 40
RCGoodbye Surprise 50 Huh? I don't get it. Nevermind. Just buy me another drink. 41
RCGoodbye Anger 50 I prefer beer to whiskey, Father. And unless you want to buy me the next round, get lost. 42
RCPackageEnd RCPackageEnd Fear 50 Oh, man. I got the itch. I'm heading up to see Cindy. {agitated, she's got the DTs and needs her drugs.} 43
RCPackageEnd Happy 50 This should do it. Thanks, Cindy. {agitated, she's got the DTs and needs her drugs.} 44
RCPackageEnd Happy 50 Oh, yeah. That's what I needed. {mellow. She's high on drugs.} 45