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Trinity Church is a church within Trinity Plaza in 2287.


There are two entrances to the church. One is through the main doors on the western side of the building, the other is through a metal gate and stairs leading to the basement of the church, on the northeastern side of the building.

The church consists of an entry foyer, a main room, some small rooms upstairs and a basement. In the main room, the floor has caved in, making it difficult to access the back of the church without jumping or taking an alternate path. A group of super mutants occupy the rear area of the church across the chasm on the main floor, and can easily spot the Sole Survivor upon entering the church. Several narrow stairwells link the upper and lower sections of the church together, offering several paths between the upper, lower and main levels. There is a cellar door exit in the back of the church.

Notable loot

  • Astoundingly Awesome Tales issue #4 - In the choir on the first floor, on the lectern by the steamer trunk.
  • Four overdue books – One on a shelf located in a small room that can be found by going down the stairs at the east end of the main floor of Trinity Church. The second on the shelves in the basement dining/drinking area. The third is downstairs next to a broken computer. The fourth is standing in the table on the same room.
  • Super mutant wrist wraps - Behind an Expert lock on the uppermost non-attic floor.
  • Vault-Tec lunchbox - In the nursery opposite of the podium, on the basement level.
  • Flux sensor - In the choir on the ground floor, inside the steamer trunk. This item only appears during the Quartermastery quests.

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When at this location companions make comments, which are activated at the theatrical rigging and basement nursery.

Location comments
Character Specific location Comment
Cait theatrical rigging "Tommy tried to introduce scenery into the matches at the Combat Zone. Took about five minutes before we startin' usin' them for weapons."
nursery "They... they were keepin' babies down here? Oh... oh god."
Codsworth theatrical rigging "Hmm, strange for a church to have a theatrical rigging system. Perhaps the choir was planning an elaborate holiday performance."
nursery "This nursery looks well kept for the times. Gives renewed hope for the little ones, doesn't it? Er... apologies, sir/mum. I wasn't thinking."
Curie theatrical rigging "I wonder what they did up here?"
nursery "The population of the Commonwealth is a tiny fraction of what it was. The humans left should focus on reproduction."
Danse theatrical rigging "Why would a place of worship fabricate these strange colorful facades? I wonder what were they trying to hide."
nursery "These unfortunate infants never even had a chance."
Deacon theatrical rigging "The Railroad lives in places like this. Always behind the curtain."
nursery "When you're done here, I'd like to leave."
Hancock theatrical rigging "Huh. Not a bad setup. Guess the pastor had a sense of showmanship."
nursery "Let's make this a quick one, huh?"
MacCready theatrical rigging "This reminds me of the time we tried to perform "Pyramus and Thisbe" in Little Lamplight. Yeah... that didn't really go over too well."
nursery "*Sniff* It's nothing... just got something in my eye."
Nick Valentine theatrical rigging "Bet they put on some wild shows with all this stuff up here."
nursery "That's a damn shame."
Piper theatrical rigging "Fancy set up for a house of worship."
nursery "Goodness."
Preston Garvey theatrical rigging "Nice place to retreat to if we need to hole up for a while."
nursery "Let's go. This is just too sad."
X6-88 theatrical rigging "This is an excellent vantage point if anyone attacks."
nursery "A place for infant humans. I've only seen one once. It was unsettling."


Trinity Church appears only in Fallout 4.

Behind the scenes

The location is identical to the real world Trinity Church, a Boston landmark considered to be one of the greatest works of American architect Henry Hobson Richardson.


Icon pc.png Icon xboxone.png A locked door in the uppermost non-attic level (mentioned above, which contains super mutant wrist wraps) reads as having an "Expert" lock when moused over, however, it seems to actually be a Master lock and requires Locksmith level 3 to open.[verified]