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The Triggermen are a faction in the Commonwealth in 2287.


The Triggermen are a loosely-connected group of independent organized crime syndicates that operate out of multiple hideouts such as Vault 114 and Goodneighbor. They share a common set of rules based around Boston's pre-War mafia families and their traditions. This appears to be due to the influence of their ghoul members, who claim to have been members of such organizations.[1] They favor style over substance and will usually wear a suit or other clothing typical to the pre-War era, sometimes alongside a fedora. Thus, they usually stick close to their territory, only leaving to conduct dealings beneficial to their operations.

Most Triggermen appear to operate with a code of honor, unusual for criminals in the wastes; for example, Skinny Malone ordered that Nick Valentine be spared because of the "old times" when they fought with each other in the past. They engage in a variety of shady and sometimes illegal enterprises, such as chem running and operating a robot racetrack at Easy City Downs. Mostly though, the Triggermen often work as hired guns for various high-profile individuals in the region, and can often be seen in the company of raiders and other such unscrupulous characters.

More evidence that the Triggermen are a loose consortium of similar gangs operating in the Commonwealth is that even leading figures like Mayor Hancock hire them to do tasks beneficial to them and the people they govern from time to time. Hancock allows the Triggermen to board in Goodneighbor as long as they do not get on his bad side. However eventually one gang may become too powerful and threaten the mayor's authority. That is when Hancock will have them shut down to protect Goodneighbor and his position as mayor.[Non-canon 1]


Triggermen generally live outside society, establishing secret bases where they undertake their questionable activities. One example is Marowski's chem lab, which is hidden deep in an abandoned fishpacking plant, and is where Marowski's gang create chems to smuggle into Diamond City and other settlements. Some Triggerman gangs maintain a limited presence in larger settlements, however; Goodneighbor in particular is a haven for such groups. Another gang has a presence in Diamond City likely controlled by the wealthy Latimer family, who often cooperates with Marowski's DC contact Henry Cooke to further the chem smuggling operation.

Another particular gang of Triggermen is based out of Shroud Manor, headed by former pre-War Boston Police Department officer Candace Isola, who has adopted the nickname "Candy".


Most Triggermen are hostile towards the Sole Survivor, although some are friendly or neutral as part of random encounters or scripted events, such as Skinny Malone and his men.

A group of Triggermen can be seen in Easy City Downs with raiders, suggesting they cooperate. This is further evidenced by Sinjin's raider group, which works with the Triggermen.

At the conclusion of The Big Dig, there are two Triggermen who accompany Hancock's bodyguard Fahrenheit as guards, indicating that they occasionally cooperate with Goodneighbor's mayor despite competing for power behind the scenes.

The Neighborhood Watch bear a strong resemblance to the Triggermen, as they mainly use submachine guns and wear fedoras and suits. It is known that Mayor Hancock has agreements with members of the Triggermen[2] so it is possible that the Neighborhood Watch are members of the Triggermen allied with Hancock.


The submachine gun is the signature weapon of the Triggermen, with some members utilizing assault rifles at higher levels and Baseball bats as their melee weapon of choice.

In keeping with their gangster theme, Triggermen prefer looks over functionality. They wear various suits and vests with matching fedoras in place of any kind of armor.

The Triggermen boss Eager Ernie oversees a number of functional robots at Easy City Downs. However, they are used for racing and entertainment rather than combat, and most are owned by independent betting visitors, not the Triggermen themselves.

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  • Despite their lack of proper armor, Triggermen have a sizable innate damage resistance bonus to allow them to be competitive in combat (roughly equal to a full set of leather armor at level 7, full metal armor at level 13, etc). Higher-level Triggermen with more hit points and greater damage resistance will spawn at higher player levels. Because of their damage resistance, Triggermen are generally tougher than raiders of similar level. However, Triggermen lack any sort of energy resistance, making them particularly vulnerable to energy weapons.
  • The Triggermen appear to be exclusively male, with the exception of a couple named characters such as Trish and Darla.
  • Within the Creation Kit, all Triggermen can be seen to have a minimum level of 1 and a maximum of 25. However, each Triggerman NPC also has a set level, which overrules this scaling and makes their levels fixed. Furthermore, some Triggermen have set levels beyond 25.


Triggermen appear only in Fallout 4.



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    (Whitechapel Charlie's dialogue)


  1. Fallout 4 Vault Dweller's Survival Guide Triggermen, p. 46: "The Triggermen are a loosely organized group of thugs and criminals. Although some particularly enterprising individuals have hatched profitable schemes of their own, many Triggermen act as hired muscle for the various gangs and crime lords. Triggermen generally attack strangers on sight, but they aren't particularly formidable in small groups. Favoring style over substance, Triggermen don't have much in the way of armor. Aside from the natural radiation immunity enjoyed by Ghoul members, Triggermen are vulnerable to most attacks. Submachine guns are particularly popular among Triggermen, but some members favor assault rifles or semiautomatic pistols. A single Triggerman is rarely dangerous, but large groups can deal significant damage fairly quickly. During heavy firefights, seek cover and pick off the Triggerman one at a time."