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...ahr 1, 3 vee resistor, wire sequence 1 dash 29, 3 dash 103 dash 109, ahr 2, 1 point 5 vee resistor...— Trig singing aloud one of her schematics

Trig is a Cipher inventor living in Mesa Verde in 2253.


Trig is in her late 20's, skilled and smart, but tends to overestimate her own abilities. She runs a store from her workshop and has lots of electronic goods on sale, such as infrared goggles and Geiger counters[1] as well as stimpaks and other basic adventuring supplies acquired from passing traders.[2]

Trig is imaginative and occasionally ambitious, but mostly lacks the practical skill to carry out her plans. Isaac Gant has been teaching her about constructing electronics, and while she certainly has potential, she was the first Cipher to be able to build working radios, her inventions have a tendency to not work as intended.[3] Her latest major project, a laser cannon to defend the Ciphers, is not functional yet, but success is in reaching distance with the right parts.[4]

Daily schedule

From morning to evening she can found her workshop working on various projects. As night falls she retires to one of the dwellings.[1]

Interactions with the player character

Interactions overview

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This character is involved in quests.


Other interactions

  • If the Prisoner has low Intelligence he will be unable to properly explain what the laser cannon needs to work, in which case he will have to track down some capacitors without help from Trig.[4]
  • If the Prisoner isn't skilled in Mechanics, he can bring Trig uncommon parts he finds in the wasteland to see if she can do anything with it. With the parts (and Isaac's help), Trig can put together some rare stuff which she'll trade to the Prisoner once she's done building it.[13]
  • If the Prisoner forges an alliance between the Ciphers and the Brotherhood Trig will have lots of Brotherhood technology lying around her workshop. The Prisoner could steal it if inclined but with a high enough Persuasion could also convince her some of it is irreparable and obtain it that way.[14]
  • One of Trig's side projects is a miniature death ray, but it has too little power to be any more than a laser pointer. Nonetheless the Prisoner can purchase it from her if he wishes.[4]


Trig was to appear only in Van Buren, the canceled Fallout 3 by Black Isle Studios.


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