Gather pumpkins to trade for radioactive seeds.

Daily: Trick or Treat? is a daily quest in Fallout 76.

Quick walkthrough

Detailed walkthrough

While traveling through Appalachia, the player character may receive a prompt to visit the Pumpkin House and subsequently speak to Jack O' Lantern. Jack O' Lantern will task the player character with bringing it ten pumpkins to carve.

Jack will mark several nearby areas on the map where pumpkins can be collected (one of which, the Halloween fright farm, is near Fissure site Sigma, which usually has a scorchbeast flying overhead). However, as long as the player character has ten pumpkins in their inventory, the quest can be completed, regardless of where these pumpkins are from.

While Jack marks the nearby fissure site as a place to collect pumpkins, one can first search the back of the Pumpkin House, as there are several pumpkin patches that can be used to quickly complete the quest - four patches are around the garage and another two are south from the house, next to a cliff.

Additionally, using the Green Thumb perk allows for collecting double the yield from each pumpkin picked. After handing over the pumpkins, Jack O' Lantern will provide a reward. This reward always includes some pumpkin grenades, the plans for crafting the grenades (if not yet known), and radioactive pumpkin seeds which are a necessary component for crafting the grenades.

Quest stages

StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
? Speak with Jack at the Pumpkin House
? Collect pumpkins (0/10)Jack has asked me to find pumpkins for him in the surrounding area. Doesn't he have enough pumpkins already?
?Quest finishedDeliver pumpkins to JackI gave Jack the fresh pumpkins and in return I was given some radioactive pumpkin seeds. I should be able to find a good use for these.
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