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Your limbs take 50% less damage from Animals, Mutated Animals, and Mutated Insects, you gain +25% resistance to Poison Damage, and can eat Mutated Insects when you're in Sneak mode.— In-game description

Tribal Wisdom is a perk in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Honest Hearts.


Taking this perk grants a 50% reduction to limb damage when attacked by animals, mutated animals, and mutated insects (greatly decreasing the risk of crippling), a 25% increase to Poison Resistance, and the ability to eat the corpses of mutated insects when crouched, with each consumed insect granting +12 Hit Points, and in Hardcore mode, -12 Starvation.

Affected creatures[]


  • The "Devour Puny Insect" option is functionally and visually similar to the effect and mechanics of the Cannibal perk used to eat human corpses.
  • Devouring an insect does not change its contents, i.e. eggs, meat, poison glands, etc. will still be there if the insect spawns them upon death.
  • Equipped weapons are holstered when devouring an insect and remain holstered afterwards until re-drawn.
  • The perk icon depicts the Vault Boy carrying a tomahawk and a knife, standing over a dead radscorpion.