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Well, I'll be... the pressure's up in the plant. It looks like all the leaks have been fixed. Thank you, stranger! Thank you!Walter after fixing the pipes

Treatment is an unmarked quest in Fallout 3.

Quick walkthrough

Unmarked Quest: Treatment
Talk to Walter.
Fix all three leaking pipes in Megaton with a repair check.
Return to Walter.
Reward: 200 caps
100 XP
Leads to: Walter's Scrap Metal

Detailed walkthrough

When asked "What needs to be done around here?", Walter asks for the broken pipes around Megaton to be fixed. When asked why he can't fix them, he says he hasn't got the time and he needs to keep an eye on the plant.

The pipes require a Repair skill of at least 30 to fix them.

Location of pipes

The pipes that have to be fixed are leaking water. The locations are as follows:

  1. On top of the Children of Atom's building. Reached easily by jumping down from the right corner of the fence by Craterside Supply.
  2. On the hill where first entering Megaton. Next to the staircase that leads to the Megaton house.
  3. On the hill opposite of where entering Megaton, near the path that leads to the common house.


  • Walter will pay 200 caps for fixing the pipes.
  • 100 XP after completion.
  • After the pipes are fixed, he also offers to buy scrap metal to help maintain the pipes from then-on-out. See the quest Walter's Scrap Metal.


  • Walter's explanation for being unable to fix the repairs is that he can only get away from the plant during the night, when the water isn't running and the leaks aren't visible. However, not only does Walter walk around Megaton during the day sometimes, but all leaks are still flowing during the night.
  • Even after all the pipes are fixed, Megaton settlers will still stop and stare at where the leaks were.


PCPC Playstation 3Playstation 3 Xbox 360Xbox 360 A glitch has been encountered when you finish fixing the pipes and have chosen to not sell scrap metal for caps. If you leave and come back it will give you the option to fix them again, but since you already fixed them you can choose the option again to get 400 caps instead of 200. [verified]