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Treasures inventory is a holotape in Fallout 4.


It can be found in the Treasures exhibit in the Jamaica Plain Town Hall basement.



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Treasures of Jamaica Plain - Exhibit Inventory

Welcome to the Treasures of Jamaica Plain. Please select an entry to view a list of the items included in that display.

Central Tables[]


Inventory: Central Tables

1. Holotape Instructions
2. Mayor's Welcome Message (Audio Holotape)
3. Treasures Inventory (Data Holotape)
4. Terminal w/ Holotape Player (RobCo 2076 Model)
5. Globe (gift Hyde Charter School)
6. Anchorage Veteran's Flag (Pvt. McKinney, Mem.)
7. American Flags (2) (gift Col. Nelson, US Army)
8. Hom DulceIn-game spelling, punctuation and/or grammar Cigars, 2077
9. Selected works on the history of Jamaica Plain
10. Ornamental Vase (gift Dawnshire Pottery, Inc.)

News & Literature Display[]


Inventory: News & Literature Display

1. Selected local fiction and nonfiction
2. Selected periodicals (gift Robco Industries)
3. Jamaica Plain Bicentennial news (gift Bugle)
4. Mementos of M. Stahlman, reporter, Canadian Annexation (Mem.)

Science & Medicine Display[]


Inventory: Science & Medicine Display

1. Research & Lab Equipment of Dr. Damien Hansen (gift HalluciGen, Inc.)
2. Biometric Scanner (gift Milton General)
3. Surgical Implements (gift Milton General)
4. First Aid Kit (gift Milton General)

Arts & Life Display[]


Inventory: Arts & Life Display

1. Landscapes by Burnett and Associates
2. Jewelry by D. Miller & Sons, local artisans
3. Colonial Vase, c.1791 (artist unknown)
4. Modern Clothing (gift Fallon's)

Sports & Leisure Display[]


Inventory: Sports & Leisure Display

1. 2076 World Series Baseball Bat
2. Jamaica Plain Youth Baseball Glove & Ball
3. Boston Toy Car Derby Winner (gift L. Early)
4. 2069 National Bowling Championship mementos

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