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For the Fallout: New Vegas note, see Treasure hunt.

Treasure Hunt is a miscellaneous quest in Fallout 4.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  • Read the note
  • Travel to the marked location
  • Retrieve the item mentioned in the note

Detailed walkthroughEdit

Throughout the Commonwealth various corpses of settlers, raiders and other NPCs can be found. Some of these corpses contain a note that mentions a particular radiant item that can be found at a radiant location.

Reading the note will mark the location on the map. Travel to the location and retrieve the item to complete the quest.

Quest stagesEdit

20 Read the note
30 Travel to the marked location
40 Retrieve the item
50Icon checkQuest complete
1000Icon crossQuest failed


Oftentimes, the item in question can be an extremely common item, such as a regular 10mm pistol or chems, making these types of quests not particularly profitable or notable.

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