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Traveling merchants are vendors wandering Appalachia buying and selling goods.


Traveling merchants wander Appalachia in search of items to buy and sell. They may be randomly encountered at one's C.A.M.P., where they can be interacted and bartered with. If an Ally is residing at the C.A.M.P., the traveling merchant will mention that they were talking to them before the player character's arrival.

Interactions with the player character

Interactions overview

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This character is a vendor.
  • Sells:
    Weapons, armor, aid, junk
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This character is involved in random encounters.

 • Deathclaw vs Merchant Caravan  • Wendigo Versus Dead Caravan


Apparel Weapon Other items On death
Random outfit Random ranged weapon 15% chance:
Pre-war money
1x Stimpak
1x Fragmentation grenade OR
1x Molotov cocktail


  • Traveling merchants can be male or female, as well as human or ghoul. Their appearances are randomly generated.
  • Traveling merchants only appear at the player character's C.A.M.P. if they currently have an ally living there.
  • Three traveling merchants are found dead in the Deathclaw vs Merchant Caravan random encounter, alongside a dead pack brahmin and the deathclaw that killed them.
    • Two more are found in the Wendigo Versus Dead Caravan random encounter, with a wendigo instead of a deathclaw.
    • At first, these corpses were the only appearance of traveling merchants of Fallout 76, until Wastelanders introduced living merchants who will visit one's C.A.M.P.


Traveling merchants appear in Fallout 76.