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Trappers' warning is a holotape in Fallout 76.


It is found in the trapper's camp, on top of a wooden box in the northeasternmost tent.


Walter Griswold: Thorpe, we got a bit of a situation here I want to report. Gonna send this here holotape with a runner to ya, soon as I can.

Me and the other Trappers set up this camp here near Devil's Backbone just like we all agreed on, and it's been workin' out for us. Plenty of game to catch, plenty of unlucky saps wanderin' in from the East still. But uh... You know how we said stay out of Huntersville, and don't drink the water near there? We thought it was just some sort of quarantine zone full of sick people, so we made sure not to poke at it. We started hearin' some noises comin' from the town a bit back, so I done reckoned we'd better send someone to check it out.

Well he come back talking 'bout some big 'ol green 'uns stalkin' around. tryin' to rip up the fence 'round town, and bustin' up stuff real good. First I heard. So I get him to show me, and I don't believe my eyes. These... big green fellers were in there, looked like, ransacking the town.

Next thing you know, them Brotherhood of Steel folks are marchin' on it and clashin' with the other guys, and they ain't doing to well against 'em. Soon as it looked like the armored goons were losin' the fight, we hauled ass back here, and that's where we're at. Fightin's still goin' on, and we'll keep an eye on the situation, but if things go belly up...

<Gunfire and shouting>

Aw shit! It's those green bastards and they've got guns!