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Trapper armor is a piece of armor in the Fallout 4 add-on Far Harbor.


Similar to raider armor, trapper armor is a low to mid-tier armor set constructed from scrap materials, namely old tires, sharpened bolts and steel girders with jagged edges cut into them. Trappers commonly wear this armor, and each piece can be worn over thin clothing such as the harness and raider leathers.

The standard version is slightly more protective than sturdy raider armor. The heavy version looks identical to the lighter versions of trapper armor, but has stats that are slightly improved from heavy raider armor.



Image Name Weight DMG Resist - Ballistic DMG Resist - Energy Value Base ID
Trapper chest piece Trapper chest piece 12 16 16 33 xx00ee79
Trapper leathers Trapper leathers 1 2 0 5 xx00ea36
Trapper leg Trapper right leg 7 9 9 13 xx00ee78
Trapper leg Trapper left leg 7 9 9 13 xx00ee77
Trapper arm Trapper right arm 7 10 10 11 xx00ee76
Trapper arm Trapper left arm 7 10 10 11 xx00ee75


Image Name Weight DMG Resist - Ballistic DMG Resist - Energy Value Base ID
Trapper chest piece Heavy trapper chest piece 17 26 26 48 xx00f04e
Trapper leg Heavy trapper right leg 10 13 13 18 xx00f04d
Trapper leg Heavy trapper left leg 10 13 13 18 xx00f04c
Trapper arm Heavy trapper right arm 10 14 14 16 xx00f04b
Trapper arm Heavy trapper left arm 10 14 14 16 xx00f04a


Can be found on dead trappers.


  • Unlike most other armor pieces that have heavy variants, this set does not have a sturdy variant.
  • Unused resources exist for a matching helmet to go with the trapper armor. The mesh and corresponding textures are fully complete, but were not incorporated into any armor or other console-obtainable item.
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