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Trapper Attack on (Location Name) is a radiant quest in the Fallout 4 add-on Far Harbor.

Quick walkthrough

Far Harbor radiant quest: Trapper Attack
Help defend the settlement against the trapper attack.
Report to the settlers.
Reward: ~100 caps
Accept help from the settler.
Decline help and go alone.
Travel to the trapper hideout.
Kill the designated trapper.
Report to the settlers.
Reward: ~100 XP

Detailed walkthrough

While in a settlement in Far Harbor, a settler may approach the player character requesting for help against an incoming attack of a trapper party. Upon accepting to help, trapper attack groups will spawn around the settlement, and the player character must then hold off the attack.

Once all attackers are dead, return to the settler who requested help, who will tell the player character where the trappers are coming from, and suggests to aid the player character in retaliating against the attack. If accepted, the settler turns into a temporary companion, and leads the way towards the marked place.

Regardless of whether the player character accepts the settler's help or not, the next objective is to travel to the marked location and eliminate all trappers. Once the marked enemies are dead, return to the settler and tell them the attackers are gone to complete the quest.

Settlements asking for help

Possible trapper locations

Quest stages

Quest stages
StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
100 Help defend <Alias=ActualLocation>I should help defend <Alias=ActualLocation> from Trappers.
200 Talk to people of <Alias=ActualLocation>The Trapper attack on <Alias=ActualLocation> was defeated.
410/415 Kill the Trappers in <Alias=TrapperDungeon>The Trappers from <Alias=TrapperDungeon> have been raiding <Alias=ActualLocation>. I need to eliminate the threat to the settlement. OR
The Trappers from <Alias=TrapperDungeon> have been raiding <Alias=ActualLocation>. A settler has agree to help me eliminate the threat to his/her settlement.
430 Report your success to the people of <Alias=ActualLocation>
450Quest finishedQuest Completed


  • Even though accepting the settler's request to assist in the retaliation against the trappers is not required to complete any objectives in this quest, it is recommended to do so to save travel time.
  • This quest behaves differently from miscellaneous objective 'Help defend', or Help defend quest, as it requires the player character to not only kill the attack groups, but also retaliate against them to complete the quest.
    • As with the Help Defend quest, this will fail if left unattended.


PCPC Xbox OneXbox One The quest might activate after an attack is triggered, without any interaction with settlers, which also causes its steps to activate in an incorrect order. The player character is first prompted to kill trappers at a certain location, then report back to a settler. At this point, the quest will become stuck, unless a settler is spoken to about an incoming attack, which will activate the "Help defend" step. Attackers won't spawn since the quest has already advanced to the retaliation step.[verified]

  • This issue can be fixed with the console command completequest DLC03WorkshopRadiantOwned03, completing and removing the quest from the quest log.
  • Reloading to a previous save can also fix this.