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The Trapper's camp is an unmarked location in the Savage Divide region of Appalachia in 2103. It is located a short distance to the south-southeast of West Tek research center and just north of the Devil's Backbone.


This location was a former camp for the Trappers,[1][2] made up of a few raider style tents and some other raider paraphernalia.

Notable loot

  • Trappers' warning - Holotape, on top of a wooden box in the northeastern most tent.
  • Trappers note - Note, pinned to the fence of the small wooden platform near the southern end of the camp. It is also one of the quest objectives for the quest Key to the Past.
  • Potential recipe - On a barrel close to a cooking station near a large tree.


The Trapper's camp appears only in Fallout 76.