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Transmission station 1AT-U03 is a location in the Forest region of Appalachia.


An Enclave research facility was built underneath this unassuming relay station overlooking the Ohio River. By 2103, the entrance of the facility has been revealed and the laser grid protecting the entrance became vulnerable to electrical failure during storms.[1]

This place was, at one point, used by a small family as a shelter.[Non-canon 1] The father took their child down to the river to forage, never to return again.[2] The mother later perished in her sleep.[Non-canon 2]


This location consists of a single building with an outhouse to the east. The building has a motorcycle in front and an air sensor relating to the Ecological Balance quest attached to its sidewall. The entrance to the station is guarded by a laser grid and hand scanner, while a few security cameras are installed on the exterior corners of the station. The building itself is a small, single room filled with machinery and consoles, as well as a couple of desks. A tattered U.S. flag hangs on the wall next to the Enclave research facility entrance.

Notable loot

  • Urgent request - Note, found on a corpse behind the building. Although the corpse is always present, the note only appears during the quest Over and Out.
  • Ranger hat clean - Inside the portable toilet, behind the building.


Prior to the release of Steel Dawn, this location contained a skeleton lying on a metal bed frame beside an industrial trunk and opposite a cot. There was also a tinker's workbench inside. With Steel Dawn, the interior of the station was fully reworked to accommodate the entrance of the Enclave research facility. It also removed a potential magazine spawn, on the floor between two cardboard boxes near the industrial trunk, as well as the paper note Note to Sugarplum.


Transmission station 1AT-U03 appears in Fallout 76 and was expanded upon in the update Steel Dawn.


After Steel Dawn

Before Steel Dawn



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    Assuming you have the necessary bobby pins to unlock the door, this small transmission structure atop a wooded hill seems to have been a hideout for a family."
    (Fallout 76 Vault Dweller's Survival Guide Atlas of Appalachia)
  2. Fallout 76 removed content The skeleton on the bedframe inside the station, prior to Steel Dawn.