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Transcript: Test launch 11 is a paper note in Fallout 76.


The note can be found at the AMS testing site in a building with power armor stations, on a bench by some lockers.


TRANSCRIPT: Test Launch 11

CONTROL: All right, kids. Let's check 'em off. Ordnance, are you go?
ORDNANCE: We are go.
CONTROL: Response, are you go?
RESPONSE: We are go.
CONTROL: That's go across the board. Ordnance, count it down.
ORDNANCE: The site is red. Launch in five, four, three, two, one. Launch.
CONTROL: Response, how're we looking?
RESPONSE: Site is holding. No threat of collapse detected.
CONTROL: Good news. Recovery? What've you got for us?
CONTROL: Recovery, give me something. Our jobs are on the line here.
RECOVERY: It doesn't look right.
CONTROL: Ultracite, Judy? Yah or nay?
RECOVERY: It's, it's negative. No Ultracite detected.
CONTROL: Son of a bitch. All right, folks. That's it. Get your reports together and tonight we break out the sad champagne.
ORDNANCE: You mean the whiskey?
CONTROL: I absolutely mean the whiskey. Once reports are in, well, it's been nice working with all of you.