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Trainyard supervisor's report is a holotape that was cut from Fallout 76.


Male rough: We got them on the run, Sally. Beckley's ours!

Female old: I got 'em for you. But... What if no one comes?

Male rough: The governor's got to give in, the whole town's unified.

Female old: Even if the marshals don't break us up, all they have to do is sit... Starve us out.

Male rough: What's gotten into you? Our families' been mining here for generations.

Female old: I just-

Male rough: What? What's that?

Female old: Nothing, nothing-

Male rough: Are you wearing a wire? A goddamn wire?

Female old: Oww, oww.

Male rough: Get her. Get her! Listen up, Governor Evans, your paid lackeys can't stop us. Beckley. Is. Ours!


Its transcript is identical to that of the Beckley informant.