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I'll meet you up by the tunnel that leads to the Pitt. You go get whatever you'll need for the trip.Wernher

The train tunnel is a metro tunnel added with the Fallout 3 add-on The Pitt and is located northwest of Fort Constantine.


It was converted into a makeshift camp so slavers can periodically sell slaves to the Pitt raiders.


A small outside area, inhabited by slavers and Pitt slaves, with a slave pen and living quarters. The interior consists of a small tunnel, with invisible walls preventing the Lone Wanderer from going very far into it. There's a handcar that leads to The Pitt.


Related quests


  • If one attempts to go down the tunnel on foot, a message will appear stating that the tunnel leads into darkness and they cannot continue.
  • By choosing not to get an outfit and just pass by the slavers, Wernher will automatically appear inside the tunnel, without conflicting with the slavers.
  • If one has cleared out Paradise Falls by killing all the slavers, Ramsey will recognize the Lone Wanderer after speaking to them and will immediately become hostile along with the rest of the slavers.
  • The footlocker in the lean-to next to the slave pen near the train tunnel will disappear after The Pitt's quest-line. It is advisable for the Lone Wanderer to not store their items in the footlocker prior to starting the quest or they will lose all of the items stored.
  • The Enclave set up many camps near this location, so look out when using it for a fast travel drop off point to visit undiscovered locations nearby.
  • If Ramsey and the other slavers are left alive, or if the slaves are not freed, they will disappear after the completion of The Pitt's quest-line.


This train tunnel appears only in the Fallout 3 add-on The Pitt.

Behind the scenes

During the dialogue with the newly freed slave, one is given the dialogue option "Your clothes. Give them to me. Now." This is a reference to the movie The Terminator, said by The Terminator after arriving naked, having gone back in time, and encountering some punks.