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The train car is an unmarked location in the Commonwealth in 2287.


The train car can be entered via a hatch entrance at a ruined train yard to the south of Oberland station, and is directly southeast of relay tower 1DL-109. It can be located by following the distress signal that can be heard after the Sole Survivor extends the radio dish at the relay tower. The message is a request for aid by a woman and her son, who are running from something chasing them, and hid inside an old train car compartment.

Keep heading southeast until the signal gets stronger (there will be less static the closer you get), and a hatch can be found on the northern side of one of the blue train cars that has been derailed and tipped over.


The interior consists of a single room with the skeleton of a woman next to a ham radio with a large amount of blood around her. There is also a suitcase suggesting that the woman was travelling when the bombs went off and the car was tipped over. The Sole Survivor may choose to turn off the ham radio in order to end the broadcast.


  • A distress signal can be picked up from the radio.
  • It is unclear how long the woman has been dead for, what it was that was chasing her, or if her son, Thomas, ever made it out alive.
  • Slightly to the southeast following the tracks is an elevated watchpost with an interior, called waystation.


The train car only appears in Fallout 4.


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