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Tragic the Garnering™ is the most addictive thing since Jet.— Wooz

Tragic the Garnering™ is a collectible card game. The cards are quest items in Fallout 2. Wooz, the Gecko bartender, is probably the only person left who knows how to play it. Known cards are Vox Muby, and Black Dahlia. One of the kinds of cards in the game is called Earths. Tragic players have not been looked kindly upon, either in pre-War or post-War society.


Game quotes

  • "This isn't just a game, it's a way of life - and it sure can be addicting."Fallout 2 Official Strategies & Secrets and in-game description
  • "Tragic the Garnering™ is the most addictive thing since Jet." - Wooz
  • "Well, Tragic the Garnering™ isn't just a game -- it's an obsession. Not a cologne, either. Some think that the way it changes a person’s life is tragic, but they just don’t understand." - Wooz
  • "So you deal to the third player unless it's Thursday? Ok, I think I got it now." - The Chosen One
  • "Looks like it could be an expensive hobby if you got hooked" - In-game message


Tragic the Garnering™ appears only in Fallout 2, though it is mentioned in Fallout: New Vegas; in a terminal entry at the H&H Tools factory. Human resources did not want any employees of H&H to have anything to do with Tragic players.

Behind the scenes

  • Tragic the Garnering™ is a parody of Magic: the Gathering. The names of cards are similar as well: Vox Muby is a parody of Mox Ruby and Black Dahlia/Black Orchid of Black Lotus, and "Earths" are the equivalent of Lands.
  • Wooz's remark that it's "not a cologne" is a reference to Obsession, the Calvin Klein brand of cologne.
  • The Chosen One's comment may be a reference to Fizzbin, a fictional card game invented by Captain Kirk in the Star Trek episode "A Piece of the Action", which also supposedly contains exceptions to the rules based on dates and times.


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