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This is a transcript for dialogue with Trader Rylee.


1DialogueTraderRylee_Transition00096A28So, can I interest you in a trade?Player Default: Sure.A1a
2I'm sure I have something you're looking for. You should have a look.Player Default: Sure.A2a
3Care to see what I've got for sale?Player Default: Sure.A3a
4DialogueTraderRyleeJoin00190E3D{Happy} You've got yourself a deal.A1a
5{Puzzled} I'm confused.TraderRylee: So, can I interest you in a trade?A2a
6DialogueTraderRyleeMain000A7CDBLooking to trade?Player Default: Sure.A
7Got some stuff for sale, care to have a look?Player Default: Sure.A
8Got any scav to sell?Player Default: Sure.A
900096A31Player Default: Sure.Let me show you what I've got.A1a
1000096A30Player Default: Not right now.Alright. I'll be around.B1a
1100096A2FPlayer Default: Maybe. Let me see what you have.Have a look.X1a
1200096A2EPlayer Default: What was that in there about people getting sick?{Friendly. / Amused} Hm? Never been to 81 I take it? I grew up there, but left to be a trader. Here, let me show you where it is.Y2a
13{Impressed} Nice Pip-Boy, by the way. Mine was a piece of junk. Threw it out years ago.TraderRylee: So, can I interest you in a trade?Y2b
14Player Default: What was that in there about people getting sick?Oh you know. Food from the farms, stuff I trade in town, scavenge I find on the way. Bit of everything, really.TraderRylee: So, can I interest you in a trade?Y3a


15DN079_IntroScene0003EF78Salesman: There are people out there who are hungry, you've just got to sell up the product a bit more.{Tired} I'm sorry but ten cans is all I can commit to right now.A1a
16{Worried} It was selling like crazy for a while there, but there's been talk about people getting sick...Salesman: People get sick all the time. That has nothing to do with my product.A1b
170003ED5ASalesman: Besides, I'm only selling the meat you people bring me. If there's something wrong with it, it's your own damn fault.{disbelieving, emphasis on 'my' / Disbelief} Oh, so now it's my fault?A1a
18{Disgust} Forget it. The deals off. You want to sell your "Product" to the people out there? Then you can get out there and do it your damned self.Salesman: What? Hey! Aw come on...A1b
19DN079_TraderDialogue000A7D0A{Apologetic} Hey, sorry about giving you the brush off in there. Theo just gets on my last nerve, you know what I mean?Player Default: Yeah. Not a fan of pushy salesmen myself.A
2000096A3APlayer Default: Yeah. Not a fan of pushy salesmen myself.{Sarcastic} He's always talking about "upselling the Product" and "establishing brand recognition."A1a
21{Disbelief} Been reading too many of those old books if you ask me. Did people really think like that back then?Trader: Anyway... enough about Theo.A1b
2200096A39Player Default: He didn't seem so bad. Its got to be hard trying to run a business out here.{Disgust} Plenty of people do business without being on you like a bloodbug.Trader: Anyway... enough about Theo.B1a
2300096A38Player Default: I try not to get involved.{poking fun at the player, but playfully with a chuckle, not malicious / Conspiratorial} No offense but, you better grow a spine or that guy's gonna walk all over you.Trader: Anyway... enough about Theo.X1a
2400096A37Player Default: What was that in there about people getting sick?{Slightly irritated, thinking about Theodore, not directed at the player.} Theo got that old cannery up and running 'bout a year or so back and convinced me and some of the other traders to start bringing his cans around.Y1a
25It was all good and well for a while, but in the past couple months I've had people complain about getting sick after eating it.Y1b
26Don't get me wrong, not like... people dying or anything, just... I don't know. The sales have slumped off and Theo's gotten more uppity.Trader: Anyway... enough about Theo.Y1c
2700096A32Player Default: Been reading too many of those old books if you ask me. Did people really think like that back then?{Neutral} Anyway... enough about Theo.A1a
28-0003EF7A{Neutral} I'm busy, hold up.
29{Irritated} If you're looking to trade meet me outside, but you'd better make it quick, cause I'm not sticking around.
30{Neutral} Like I said, I'll be outside if you're looking to trade.