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Discover the fate of the missing hunting party.

Tracking Unknowns is a side quest in Fallout 76.

Quick walkthrough

  • Investigate the area north of Valley Galleria—talk to Hardball, the Major Gutsy in the forest, to receive further instructions.
  • Find a signal booster—located in the Valley Galleria electronics store or in Harpers Ferry.
  • Summon a cargobot—use the landing pad at Camp Venture.
  • Attach the signal booster.
  • Track the distress beacon to its source—locate the dead body in the swamp.
  • Enter the Dyer Chemical sewers.
  • Discover the fate of the tracking party.

Detailed walkthrough

Upon getting close to Harpers Ferry, a miscellaneous objective appears with three markers pointing to terminals located at three of the entrances to the town that were fortified by the Free States. If the doors made from the cargo containers are not already opened, there are other access points into the town that can bypass those entrances as they can only be opened by switches from inside the fortifications. There are also locked Level 3 doors that can be opened with a key, which can be found in the church on the hill, guarded by automated turrets and either Scorched or super mutants.

Once able to access one of the terminals, search through the various entries until learning of a group of Free States members that had been out tracking ghouls and never returned. Their last known location being an area somewhere north of Valley Galleria up on the cliff. Proceed there using the railroad tracks until reaching the Harpers Ferry tunnel. There is a path up the cliff on the right, where once at the top, there will be some Copper ore and Gold ore veins that can be harvested. If Tanagra Town is marked on the map, fast travel there and proceed from there. Proceed into the area marked on the map, and search for Hardball, a Free States Mister Gutsy watching over the corpses of two of the missing Free States members, Courtney Kelly and Jacqueline Murphy. After giving the player characters a look-over, he requests that they locate a signal booster, travel to Camp Venture to summon a Cargobot to attach the booster to, and then use the signal to find the rest of the missing members using the distress beacon. The booster can be recovered from one of two places, either back in Harpers Ferry, or from Valley Galleria, in the electronics store. Once the booster is recovered, head to Camp Venture, summon a Cargobot using the terminal next to the landing pad, and when it arrives and descends to the pad, attach the signal booster to it. After it leaves, track the distress signal back to a location somewhere near the Southern Belle Motel at the base of one of the large power line pylon towers coming from Thunder Mountain.

Once at the location, find the corpses of the deceased Free States members there, recover what can be found on the bodies of Randy Calloway and Nari Samir, including a Prototype hazmat suit from Nari's backpack, and learn that the rest of the missing members under Duncan McKann are somewhere in the sewers beneath the Dyer Chemical facility. Head over there and find the entrance to the sewers, located near the river on the western side, dodging the Mister Gutsy, Protectron, and Robobrain robots that patrol the facility, possibly even a Sentry Bot.

Once in the sewers, fight past the feral ghouls until one begins locating the other members of the missing party, including Duncan McKann, Sara Samir, Kendyll Sims, and Lucy Harwick. Recover the holotape from the body of Lucy to learn of what happened with Duncan's group that led to their demise, and the quest will complete, rewarding the player characters with the Pyrolyzer, a unique flamer with a legendary effect on it.

Quest stages

Quest stages
StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
? Investigate Harpers Ferry
? Investigate the gate terminal
? Investigate the area north of Valley GalleriaI found a terminal entry in Harpers Ferry describing a group of missing people that were out tracking ghouls. It said they were last know heading north from Valley Galleria. I should try to find out what happened to them.
? Talk to HardballI discovered a Free States Gutsy named Hardball out in the Swamp Forest. I should listen to him and hear what he has to say.
I ran into a Free States Gutsy named Hardball while searching for the missing group. I should talk to him and hear what he has to say.
? Find a signal boosterI ran into a Free States Gutsy named Hardball who told me to find a signal booster to track Duncan McKann's missing hunting group. He said I could find one in Harpers Ferry or the Valley Galleria Electronic Store.
? Summon a CargobotNow that I've found a signal booster, I need to head to the Survival Training Center to summon a Cargobot.
? Wait for the Cargobot to arriveA Cargobot has been summoned. I need to wait near the landing pad until it arrives.
? Attach the signal boosterA Cargobot has arrived. I need to attach my signal booster to it so it can help me track the distress beacon signal.
? Wait for the signalThe signal booster has been attached and the Cargobot is on its way. I just need to wait for the signal to appear on my radio.
? Tune into the distress beacon signalNow that the cargobot has boosted the signal, I should be able to find the distress beacon frequency on my Pip-boy to track the missing party.
? Track the distress beacon to its sourceThe booster worked, and I'm able to track the distress beacon signal. I should follow the pings until I can locate the beacon to find the missing group.
? Investigate the areaI was able to find the distress beacon on a dead body. I should investigate the area and find out what happened.
? Listen to Randy's holotape
? Take Nari's ID card
? Listen to Nari's holotape
? (Optional) Find Nari's hazmat suit
? Enter the Dyer Chemical sewersOne holotape revealed that Duncan McKann's group had caught up to the ghouls, but they may not have all been feral. One of the ghouls had a holotape on her that said they fled to the Dyer Chemical sewers. I should see if I can find out more there.
? Discover the fate of the tracking partyI should search the sewers to discover the fate of Duncan McKann's group and the people they were tracking.
? Listen to Lucy's holotapeI found another holotape on a body. I should listen to it and see if it holds any clues about what happened here.
?Quest finished(Quest completed)


The missing group party consists of the following members: