Discover the fate of the missing hunting party.

Tracking Unknowns is a side quest in Fallout 76.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  • Investigate the area north of Valley Galleria -- talk to Hardball, the Major Gutsy in the forest, to receive further instructions.
  • Find a signal booster -- located in the Valley Galleria electronics store or in Harpers Ferry.
  • Summon a cargobot -- use the landing pad at Camp Venture.
  • Attach the signal booster.
  • Track the distress beacon to its source -- locate the dead body in the swamp.
  • Enter the Dyer Chemical sewers.
  • Discover the fate of the tracking party.

Detailed walkthroughEdit

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Quest stagesEdit

StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
? Investigate Harpers Ferry
? Investigate the gate terminal
? Investigate the area north of Valley GalleriaI found a terminal entry in Harpers Ferry describing a group of missing people that were out tracking ghouls. It said they were last know heading north from Valley Galleria. I should try to find out what happened to them.
? Talk to HardballI discovered a Free States Gutsy named Hardball out in the Swamp Forest. I should listen to him and hear what he has to say.
? Find a signal boosterI ran into a Free States Gutsy named Hardball who told me to find a signal booster to track Duncan McKann's missing hunting group. He said I could find one in Harpers Ferry or the Valley Galleria Electronic Store.
? Summon a CargobotNow that I've found a signal booster, I need to head to the Survival Training Center to summon a Cargobot.
? Wait for the Cargobot to arriveA Cargobot has been summoned. I need to wait near the landing pad until it arrives.
? Attach the signal boosterA Cargobot has arrived. I need to attach my signal booster to it so it can help me track the distress beacon signal.
? Wait for the signalThe signal booster has been attached and the Cargobot is on its way. I just need to wait for the signal to appear on my radio.
? Tune into the distress beacon signalNow that the cargobot has boosted the signal, I should be able to find the distress beacon frequency on my Pip-boy to track the missing party.
? Track the distress beacon to its sourceThe booster worked, and I'm able to track the distress beacon signal. I should follow the pings until I can locate the beacon to find the missing group.
? Investigate the areaI was able to find the distress beacon on a dead body. I should investigate the area and find out what happened.
? Listen to Randy's holotape
? Take Nari's ID card
? Listen to Nari's holotape
? (Optional) Find Nari's hazmat suit
? Enter the Dyer Chemical sewersOne holotape revealed that Duncan McKann's group had caught up to the ghouls, but they may not have all been feral. One of the ghouls had a holotape on her that said they fled to the Dyer Chemical sewers. I should see if I can find out more there.
? Discover the fate of the tracking partyI should search the sewers to discover the fate of Duncan McKann's group and the people they were tracking.
? Listen to Lucy's holotapeI found another holotape on a body. I should listen to it and see if it holds any clues about what happened here.
?Icon check(Quest completed)


The missing group party consists of the following members:

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