The Toxic Valley is one of the six regions of Appalachia in 2102.


The region known to survivors as Toxic Valley lies north of the Forest, covered by industrial white powder and filled with filthy, polluted water sources. The Grafton Steel Mill, sitting amidst the desolation, was the engine driving the economic development of Grafton, the central city of the valley. Grafton entered a steep decline as the pollution from the steel mill ruined the environment and polluted the rivers, while the workers started striking against the creeping automation that was leaving them jobless and their families penniless. The pollution is kept in check by the Grafton Dam. It was built to provide power to the steel mill and is now filled with the polluted waters of Toxic Valley. After the Great War, the combined pollution and nuclear fallout filled the white wastes of the Toxic Valley with all manner of horrifying beasts, prowling the stretches of devastated waste in search of the few hardy plants that survived the blight or prey to consume.[1]

The lake and other deadly waters are home to all manner of mutated, aquatic beasts. The area has a large river that leads to the Grafton Lake. The Toxic Valley contains many points of tourism including Clarksburg Shooting Club, Clarksburg, Wavy Willard's Water Park and Grafton. The area gets its name from the toxic waterbeds and air in the region, which makes it hard to breathe, but the valley is also full of air condensers that help make the area livable.


The Toxic Valley is in the northern portion of the Appalachia map. Locations in the region include:

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The Toxic Valley appears only in Fallout 76.

Behind the scenesEdit

The large river that runs through the Toxic Valley is based on the real world Tygart Valley River. Several other landmarks and locations are likewise inspired by real world equivalents.



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