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Repeatedly breaking bones has led them to become stronger (somehow).— In-game description

Tough Guy is a challenge perk in Fallout: New Vegas.

Challenge requirements

The Courier must have their limbs crippled 50 times.

Perk effects

Limb damage is reduced by 20%.


  • Crippling yourself near a doctor for quick uses of dialogue healing can speed up completion of this challenge.
  • Having the Adamantium Skeleton, Toughness, and Hit the Deck perks will cause the challenge to be more difficult to complete. However, those three perks and Tribal Wisdom (Honest Hearts) combine exceptionally well once the challenge is completed.
  • Having the Small Frame trait will make it easier to obtain the perk, but the subsequent benefit will only return your limb toughness to slightly less than normal.
  • Hydra can be used while attempting to attain this perk, due to its regenerative properties which last a full minute. This allows the player to damage their limbs repeatedly while under the effects of hydra without needing to pause in order to use a doctor's bag.
  • Some methods of easily crippling the limbs to attain this perk include explosives and traps which can be re-used, such as bear traps.
    • Ranger Morales' corpse contains 4 bear traps that can be used to attain this perk, though they will eventually disappear after discovery.
  • Another way to accomplish this quickly is to damage the limbs while near to a bed; the player can cause as much damage as possible to their limbs, and then sleep in the nearby bed, regenerating both limb damage and health.
    • A good place to do this is at HELIOS One inside the Western reflector control terminal out back where all the solar panels are. Inside the fenced off area where the terminal is, there are two bear traps that can be used and reused to cripple your legs. Once crippled, there are some tents set up just a few yards away with beds where you can sleep to heal, then repeat until you get the perk.
    • A good place to do this early in the game is at the cache at the end of the unmarked quest Barton the Fink. The quest is available near Goodsprings Source, and offers an overlook complete with a mattress and three bear traps.
    • On Hardcore mode, you will instead need to fast travel to an owned bed or a doctor every time you've crippled both your legs, or carry a small supply of doctor's bags or hydra (and probably some stimpacks too) in order to repeatedly cripple yourself on a set of traps without needing to travel anywhere.

Behind the scenes

This perk is based on Wolff's law, the practice of increasing the strain on a bone to make it stronger.